The 13Th Warrior

Most of us reach in to share, we seek a connection within the Net. We look for the one that so many states he is there. It is not so much as for a search for God, its a person, who has the ability through just words that will change things in America.


The 13Th Warrior

a F.A,S,C. Concept News Release

by Henry Massingale

May 15, 2012


 So many have asked me to help, they say I have a gift, and I have changed this Matrix of The Net. I am not Neo from the move the Matrix, but if I could be him to undo all this wrong we see I would.

People seek Civil War in my Country, so what could just one man say in just words, that would echo through out the Internet and into the streets ?

I can only show you a truth, and a door not to be seen, it was hidden from us , and I do dare to share. But I ask you this, because I asked myself this, if I was to disappear, or die, would you remember me ?

To bring a Civil War In America, it would take a well coordinated Operation.

First civil unrest within our economy, protest, and the violence will grow. You see I talked to a man named Bill, he was not sure of  what race he was of, but there is a on going hidden goal to kill every last Government Official, Police Officer, Judge, in this Country, This can only take place while a Civil War is a on going directive. Then the movements of these people will not be seen, and the issue will be written off as if Americans killed their own. This is by all means the building block of the New World Order.

The Uniting Of Drug Empires all the way to Mexico. As of now there is over 100,000 Mexican Drug Lords and Cartel in the United States back up with street gangs. With the help of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, in Mexico and the New Afghan Poppy Fields are in full operation.

The Organized Crime Data Base built in America, and in Mexico all the way to South America is linked to Pharmaceutical Narcotic Companies based in Mexico, and around the world.

Government Officials who stand against this Narcotic Heroin,can and will be target, for assassination.

But still they must create a Civil War before this can go into action.

 As President Obama sends more troops to Mexican Border, and the build up of over 10,000 Mexican Drug Lords and what is stated to be over 100,000 Cartel Foot Solders in Mexico. This is more then a show of power. Because if the building block to un-stableness, within the USA Economy. Its more of a in site by me and research of how it is to start.

 Once a Civil War Starts all eyes of America will be on the Civil War and then the enemy on the Border will move forward while the ones in America target all Government Officials for Assassination at one time, this includes Police Officers and Judges.

I had to be sure of my findings before I released it.

 This is why the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire, in part is all about. A anti-crime, anti-war, and anti-drug forum.

 I guess its time to share with Government Officials why this boycott did not die and fade away, its simple I asked God to show me what to write. So truly it was never me you was up against.

 When a Child Of The Damned reaches out from the streets to save the lives of the same Government Officials he protest against it is said it is worth noting.

 This enemy that Government Officials made a Pharmaceutical Heroin Deal with, do you truly think they care about you and when its America they want. Its America they Want.

 The 13Th Warrior, is in all of use, only for those who have faith in God and Country.

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 And yes I limited what I shared because it is the completing of my riddles I share and the puzzle comes together.... The Matrix Revolution of the Internet has by all means come to life in your world.

Henry Massingale

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