Who is the way, who can help the world out of this crisis, who know the real need of the world today? the world prefer the world instead of the creative word, who is JESUS CHRIST the son of most hight God. jesus is the way the truth and life.who can supply all our need and give of the peace that the world is looking for is jesus christ. nations of the world have gather yet they can not find common solution to what the world real need. who can give the world what she really need is the creator of the world. let the world leaders swallow tgheir pride, for they believed that they have what the people need and at the end of the day they fail for they fail to recognice the one who owns everything and who knows the way out of the world problems and needs. God is the way. untill the world recongise their maker than we acn be able to ahve access to peace and joy. SHALOM

Your purpose on earth

Your purpose on earth is to fulfilled the purpose of God for your life. The vision of God for your life, not your ambition.  Ambition is of man, while vision is of God. 

You have to live a quality life as a child of God and as citizenship of heaven.  For we in the world but we are not of the world. We have to represent God well on earth as an ambassador of heaven.

What kind of life are you living? As a citizen of heaven?  Remember we are going to give the account of life to God.

Have a wonderful day

Believers are salt and light of the word

Believers are salt and light of the word,and when a salt losses it savour it become useless.

Examine your life a problem to your communite or a solution, are you directing people to jesus or to yourself and to hell by what you are doing and what you are show casing? as a church of God remember that gudgement will start from us. if your purpose of going to church is not to make heaven, then is better not to be in church because what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lost his soul, what are you going to use to exchange for it?

if you want to go heaven, heaven have standard and you have to abide with it, heaven is real and hell is real.  the doctrine of your denomination can not take you to heaven,not the standard of your own denomination but the standard of heaven which is of God..jesus is coming back very soon and are you ready?

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