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MilesTones:Wild West-New Bridge-Global Warming-Looking Up

MilesTones-Wild West-New Bridge-Global Warming-Looking Up

Antioch : CA : USA | Sep 06, 2013 at 3:36 PM PDT
Photo Courtesy of Ed Berkey

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

Rusty and Kitty Kitty Relaxing

This thought cannot help but seep in when a beloved dog dies. The probing question cannot be restrained, nor should it be. And knowing what The Bible says on this matter brought solace during one of the worst weeks in my life. 

My beloved (Big Dog), Rusty, died on Saturday August 17th at 2 P.M. This month was his birthday. He turned 13 and had been going through severe arthritic problems in his hips like most big dogs do, along with some heart problems.


He asked to go out to the back yard, and after being out a few minutes, he collapsed. I stayed close to him for over an hour soothing him. He knew he was dying, and so did one of the pups who, that morning, went to him and gently nuzzled him with her nose curiously. She knew he was about to die. I didn’t.

BOOK REVIEW: Restricting Freedoms

BOOK REVIEW: Restricting Freedoms

Trenton : NJ : USA | Aug 21, 2013 at 8:52 PM PDT


BREAKING! Verdict in for Rev. Austin Miles

Coincidence or Miracle?

DANVILLE, California 8/13/13. It has been an agonizingly tough week waiting for the jury's decision. The evidence concerning me is solid and would be difficult to refute since the witnesses, as a panel, determined the accuracy of the facts. I was facing the death penalty unless there was a reverse in the evidence.

FIRST-SOME BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Few people know of the medical issues this writer has endured since being exposed to Mustard Gas while in military service. That gas is deadly. It ravages the organs of the body, in this case, the lungs, the heart and the intestines. Prostate cancer was a direct result of the mustard gas. I was also left with severe heart problems, as well as the effects of a stroke during which I actually crossed over and was revived.

Left Brain vs. Right Brain Dilemma


In Search of Our Closest Relatives

In Search of Our Closest Relatives

San Francisco : CA : USA | Jul 30, 2013 at 6:54 PM PDT

BOOK REVIEW: The Genesis One Code

New Book Raises Doubts

by Rev. Austin Miles

To be let down, especially with planted expectations, is disconcerting as well as disappointing. (PR Firm) notified us that their book The Genesis One Code spotlights the clash between science and religion on the subject of evolution and The Big Bang. The goal, they state, is to open civil dialogue between the two points of view for a greater understanding of the subject as a whole. In other words, the author, an unbiased scientist, takes no sides.

Do Animals Grieve? You Bet!

Do Animals Grieve? You Bet!

Walnut Creek : CA : USA | Jul 21, 2013 at 4:33 PM PDT


U.C.Berkeley Does Not Actually Exist! (?)

U.C.Berkeley Does Not Actually Exist!

Do God and Evolution Mix?

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