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Health and Wellness from LORD Jesus Christ blessings

If I were to get sick, I would want a Bible and plenty of water.  I do not have faith in modern medicine, as pharmacy drugs appear to be goods of satan to mislead the consumer and enrich the till of the companies that manufacture those disgraceful chemical concoctions.  I believe the power of plain water for drinking and a Bible to fill the mind and heart with faith is perfect for me the next time I am ill with a cold or the flu.  I have a terrible distrust for medical doctors, as my trust has been earned instead by a formidible rival to the medicine men: LORD Jesus Christ and His Holy Christian Bible.

I believe in alternative health, not the health that is sold at hospitals and traditional, conventional clinics.  I seek freedom from disease, not to start a war of chemicals upon my body to try to "fight" off some disease.  I choose to put my faith in God, because the truth can be a superior cure leading to quality living and enriched enjoyment of every day a person has on this earth until their day of judgment.

I believe the Bible will liberate my body and mind in a superior manner over all the evil magic medical doctors can ever achieve.  Besides, I trust LORD Jesus Christ with my life, and I have been convided medical doctors do harm most of the time, except when the medical doctors are neither doing good nor harm, but just racking up a bill of charges for unimporant, meaningless tests and consultations.

God's Message from the Bible Code of the Torah

In the Bible Code, I find truth to my questions and uncertainities.  For instance, I looked up abortion and those who counter it, and I found Republician located near by.  I am have been shifting towards Republician views at a steady pace, so I can help change laws to protect unborn babies.  I found, in the Hebrew, the word "Homosexual" with the first eight letters (I believe eight letters) used, I discovered God Himself say "demon" and "angry".  I assume God is angry at demons for causing homosexuality.  God told me he hates abortions, and the doctors and drug companies that help perform them.  I do not know when or how God will punish those who get/do abortions, or homosexuals, but having lived in California for a decade, I was surrounded by homosexuals, and perhaps because I attended political and environmental responsibility meetings with various groups, I thought they were mild sinners.  But since the Bible Code said God was "angry" at the "demon" of homosexuals, I unfortunately can no longer feel as much comfort working with (lobbying, having meetings, praying along side) the homosexuals (major sinners) as I once did.

Prayers with LORD Jesus Christ Revealed to me Clarity on What America Needs to Do ASAP

It has been revealed to me for a few months what America needs to do.  God is giving me greater clairity when LORD Jesus Christ thinks I am ready for further clarification and insight into my revelations.  I desire with my heart's intensity for the LORD Jesus Christ to focus my mind and emotions, so that I can act to help His kingdom expand and be ever so much more dominant.  I see myself as insistant, in that I try to promote the will of LORD Jesus Christ, even when nonbelievers and agnostics are uncomfortable, as that is their problem, not mine that they do not belive in LORD Jesus Christ.

Over time, the nonbelievers will either believe in LORD Jesus Christ or will parish.  It is simple.  I was sent to LORD Jesus Christ to do work with my hands as though at times they are the hands of Christ.  I seek within myself, in prayer, to serve the will of LORD Jesus Christ, and to do so with strength of spirit and intensity of will, that only LORD Jesus Christ can empower me with.

My revelations are complex, but I will attempt to render them simple here.  They are primarly based on economic policy and legal codes that relate to taxes, medical care, housing and home ownership, and the criminal justice system.  Here is my attempt at summarizing, with a slight elaboration:

How should we decide to vote: by heart, mind, or use patterns in scriptures, known as Bible Code, for divine guidance?

During election time, politicians say what they think people want to hear.  Instead of saying, "I will raise taxes," they may say they will lower taxes, with the intent to act in a reckless or intentional way to cause the opposite to occur from their promise, such as taxes to go up.  Many citizens classify politicians as liers and deceitful people.

As Christians, how do we stand on politics, both in our hearts and in our prayers?  Do we vote for who entices us with the most emotionanlly-charged rhetoric, or do we usually vote for the honest candidate who appears negative, probably reeks of pessivism?  I personally find myself voting for those who are positive and give a sense of hope.  But should Christians trust their feelings, their judgment, or something else?

What else is there to trust?  I think the Hebrew source text for the Christian Bible, the Torah, has codes to help us answer this.  I hope so, because I trust my life to LORD Jesus Christ's hidden, encoded messages.

The Torah has Codes for the believers of LORD Jesus Christ to follow and gain truth and spirital growth

Power is definable, quite possibly, as having the authority to make decisions for others without being accountable for one's mistakes.  Powerful leaders tend, from a critical eye, to risk resources that they did not sweat to create, but rather seize control over and impose ordiances for their own gain.  The powerful in the material world tend to appear to be opposite the humble working classes.  In the working classes are the rare but dedicated prophets of the LORD Jesus Christ, the one true rightous leader.

LORD Jesus Christ has allowed humanity to make blunders and mistakes in management of our earth for many centuries.  LORD Jesus Christ always had a plan to help the humble and poor.  One way is through the Christian Bible, or Torah.  God encoded His truth in the Torah over two thousand years ago, intending for it to be unsealed during the Biblical "End of Days."

The time or era of the "End of Days" may indeed center around December 21, 2012.  God intended there to be a shift in consciousiness leading up to and spiking around the end of December 2012.  God will do this using the Bible Code, the equidistant letter skips that allow God to communicate with analitical thinkers and those who were formally agnostic, or even atheist.

out of hospital since Oct 2010, but still suffering from Obamacare

I am hurt by Obamacare.  In May 2010, I signed myself off of medicaid public assistance because I did have faith in medical science or traditional medications.  On July 4, 2010, I was instructed by LORD Jesus Christ from the bible code to go to the hospital immediately, following my emailing of the Israeli prime minister for help with my "mission" and to look me up in the bible code.  The U.S. government and president thought I was either a terrorist or spy, and injured me accordingly.  I was raped by a doctor and stabbed in my knee by a nurse.  They did other less harmful things too to injure me.  I kept talking about how I wanted to impeach the president, which added to the mistreatment I received.  After two months of twice daily forced injections of psychotropic medications, I began fasting for an attorney and court date.  None was given, but my dad visited me so I thought God told me this was my interruption point, so I ate again.  I was later discharged after a total of eleven weeks, but now have a guardianship forced upon me to try to prevent me from suing the doctor who rapped me or anyone else.  I desire now to work for Barack Obama as his adviser and to direct the U.S.

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