57% of Americans support the repeal of ObamaCare

Over eight months after the passage of ObamaCare by a super-slim majority, party line vote, 57% of Americans still favor the outright repeal of the law, according to the latest survey from Rasmussen.  Further, about half of the public believes that the law will eventually force them to change their own insurance plan or cause them to lose it, which is of course what Obama (repeatedly) promised everyone would not be the case.

Again, this is over eight months after passage of the bill; a lapse of time that Democrats thought would allow the opposition to "settle down", especially after everyone saw all the wonderful things that the bill did for them.

Unfortunately (for Democrats), that hasn't happened, as Rasmussen's latest poll demonstrates.  In fact, 47% of respondents were "strongly" in favor of repeal.  Only 39% of the public opposes an effort to repeal the bill.  Since passage of the bill, support for repeal in the same Rasmussen survey has ranged from 50% to 63%.

From the survey:

Thirty-nine percent (39%) of voters think the law passed earlier this year will be good for the country. Fifty-two percent (52%) hold the opposite view and believe will be bad. 

Democrats remain highly supportive of the health care law that was passed by Congress with no Republican support, and members of the president’s party also believe strongly that the law will be good for the country. Republicans and voters not affiliated with either party strongly favor repeal and think the law will be bad for the country.

Most GOP voters think they are likely to have to change their insurance coverage because of the law and most Democrats do not. Unaffiliated voters are almost evenly divided on the question.

Two big reasons why this continues to be a political problem for Obama is 1) the steady number of Americans that support outright repeal of his most signature legislative accomplishment and 2) the fact (highlighted in bold above) that unaffiliated voters also strongly favor a repeal.

In case you haven't noticed, it's hard to get elected (or re-elected) without the support of independent voters.

Add to that the fact that the nature of the issue that ObamaCare deals with (ie, our health care), touches each and every American, which means that every American will have a personal experience with it.  And most people aren't anticipating a pleasant experience.


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