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Traditional Conservative Beliefs

(Author’s note:  this originated as an information page on my website.  I decided to post it as an “essay” after receiving repeated inquiries from folks who had not seen the info page and wondered what exactly is a “traditional conservative?”)

Traditional Conservatives – some call us Old Right or Paleo-Conservatives – could be thought of as the closest intellectual, moral, and political living kin of America's Founding Fathers.  That is not to say we yearn for the past; rather, that we understand history is much more than ancient facts or ideas.  History is, in reality, a roadmap to the future.

The New Scarlet Letter

There is a new Scarlet Letter in this country.  It is not the letter “A” of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel, sewn onto the clothing of protagonist Hester Prynne for her adulterous behavior in Puritan society.  Rather, it is the letter “B.”  It stands for Believer:  in God and the Bible; in the U.S. Constitution; in the Conservative principles and values which flow naturally from those sources.

Granting a “Right” to Abortion is Far Above the Supreme Court’s Pay Grade

Recent exposes involving Planned Parenthood and its support of abortions for underage girls have ignited a political firestorm among social conservatives and breathed life into a nation-wide campaign to eliminate taxpayer funding for the “family planning” organization.

Pro-life members of Congress also have introduced legislation to bar government subsidies for abortions and – with narrow exceptions – health plans that cover abortions.  State lawmakers around the country are pushing to ban or to put strict limits on such procedures as well.

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