Of course this makes a great first topic: it gets people talking and thinking. I, personally, am strongly against it. Having said that, I can't imagine how hard it would be to be faced with the decision to keep a child if it would kill me. I don't think I can really put myself on those shoes but I would hope that I would trust God enough. Also, some candidates feel abortion is ok for not only maternal health, but in the case of rape or incest. Again, I can't put myself in those shoes but I do know there are plenty of people who want babies, who wouldn't see that child as a reminder of a painful experience. It is also not taking the feelings of the baby into consideration, just the woman. The women can voice their pain, these innocent lives can't. I don't feel having an abortion would stop any of the traumatic feelings in the woman though. In fact, I feel the abortion alone might have more trauma. As a Christian, I believe ALL life is important, no matter how it came about. God doesn't make mistakes. . Like the analogy or not, to me abortion is baby genocide. Zygote, fetus, whatever you call it~it's the beginning of a human and it's life should be considered precious. Even if someone could argue for early term abortions, I can not understand how partial-birth abortions are any different from medical murders. Legally, it's a matter of a few inches. Legally, only a few inches make the difference between homicide and partial birth abortion. From my readings, abortion workers have said to see babies moving away from the abortion instuments at 12 weeks. The heart starts beating at 21 days after implantation, so by the time many woman find out they are expecting the heart is beating. This is because pregnancies "start" at the the last period. Seeing how most women don't test for pregnancy until they miss a period, they are then about 4 weeks along and the heart starts beating about a little over a month along. It seems an odd way to measure to me as it makes you about two weeks along when you concieve. To me, it doesn't matter how far along a woman is, it's still taking life or what would be life in a matter of days. Even at conception, the unique child is formed. God already knows what it will look like, what sex it will be. The baby has eye color, hair color, sex etc already determined because of the sperm that met the egg. It doesn't look anything like human but it is a unique being from the start. There is a couple out there that is in love with the possibility of that child. The baby will not look like a baby when the heart starts to beat and it can't be heard yet but sometimes it can be seen early. I was roughly 8 weeks along (6 weeks after conception) when I saw one of my children's heart beat. It appeared more like a gummy bear but in a few short weeks there was much much more. The instant I found out I was pregnant, it was my baby. Some people did try to convince me to abort on different occasions. I am not a perfect person and was a troubled youth. I needed those children. God knew, even if no one else did. I gave my first lovingly to an amazing couple, I miscarried the second, and had three amazing kids after that. I can't imagine my life without my kids, including the one I placed for adoption. My miscarriage was a painful experience and haunted me for years. I cannot imagine how I would have felt had I listened to the people who wanted me to abort. It mostly surely would not have made my life easier, and as a clinic worker pointed out: chances are if forced, I would have ended up pregnant within a year. This isn't the end of this for me, there will be more because the more I learn, the more outraged I become. Lord, help us fight this fight.