Add a "voter guides" tab to any Facebook fan page









Christian Coalition’s 2010 Voter Guides are now available on Facebook!

Better yet, our new Facebook Voter Guide application allows YOU to add a “Voter Guides” tab to any Facebook fan page that you control!

In order to be as effective as possible we must get our voter education materials in front of as many voters as possible between now and Election Day.  And every day tens of millions of Americans visit Facebook.

If you have a Facebook “fan page”, you can click here and visit our “Voter Guide Application Page” and choose the “Add to my page” link that appears on the left.  This will bring up a menu of “pages” you control.  Simply click the page you wish to add the “Voter Guides” tab to.  That’s it!

Then be sure to post an update to your page to let others know that you have added the tab and encourage them to visit it and share it with others.

Visitors to your page will then be able to access Christian Coalition Voter Guides and share them with others.

If you don’t have any “fan pages”, but you know someone who does, please forward this email to them and encourage them to add a “Voter Guides” tab today.

Help us spread the word and get this important information in front of as many voters as possible before Election Day!

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