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School officials arrange for secret abortions

As hard as it is to imagine, a mother of a sixteen year old girl has found out that her daughter's school counsellor arranged for her to have an abortion without the parent's knowledge.

The mother, a Christ Church New Zealand resident, only found out about the abortion four days after the fact.

After suspecting that something was wrong with her daughter, she confronted her friends who admitted that the school's counsellor had arranged for the abortion.

From the story:

Helen, not her real name, found out about the termination four days after it had happened. "I was horrified. Horrified that she'd had to go through that on her own, and horrified her friends and counsellors had felt that she shouldn't talk to us," she said. ...

Helen said teachers could discuss how a student was doing in school or phone parents when their child misbehaved, but would then keep life-changing situations such as abortions secret.

Her daughter had since told her the counsellor "wasn't very forthcoming" with advice. The counsellor did ask the girl if she had talked to her parents, but never pursued it.

Helen said follow-up counselling for her daughter was "nonexistent". ...

Helen has been too upset to approach the school. "Afterwards I was too wild, and I probably still am."

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Obama admin trying to eliminate doctor and nurse conscience protections on abortion

The more the bureaucracy moves to enact the Obama administration's notion of health care "reform", the worse it gets.  In this case, it's their move to eliminate the conscience protection rights concerning abortion that were provided for by the Bush administration.

Those protections were put in place on behalf of those in the medical community who did not want to be forced to participate in performing abortions.  The 2008 rule by the Bush administration was put in place to prohibit recipients of any federal funding from discriminating against those who had such moral objections.

The Obama administration now wants to reverse that somewhat and force those medical personnel to distribute drugs which are intended to induce abortion.

(Via LifeNews)

Several pro-life groups are sending a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius warning her of the alarming effects on patients that will follow the Obama administration’s recent move to strip the medical community of key conscience protections on abortion. ...

Gallup survey finds Democrats losing ground since 2008

Gallup has a new survey out which shows that, in terms of partisan affiliation, the number of "solid" Democrats states is down by half since they conducted a similar survey in 2008.  The same survey also showed the number of "competitive" states almost doubling.

They point out that every state (including the District of Columbia) now has fewer people identifying themselves as Democrats, or even independents who "lean" Democrat.  Interestingly, the greatest percentages of declines came in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Hawaii.  Hawaii aside, those others represent the north-eastern states where Republicans had been becoming a rare species.

In terms of numbers, "solid" Democrats states went from 30 in 2008 down to 14 today, while competitive states went from 10 up to 18.

From the poll:

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Join our campaign to STOP taxpayer funding of abortion

Will you help us use the Internet to pressure Congress to stop funding abortion?

Last week we launched a new campaign to STOP Taxpayer Funding of Abortion, and your support has been tremendous.  (If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please click here and do so today).

But now we want to take it to the next level.

You can help spread the word by using our “Donate your status” application with either Facebook or Twitter.  Just click the appropriate logo and give our application permission to post on your behalf.

When you do, our application will automatically post one status update for you every seven days throughout the coming congressional battle over abortion funding.

Each update will provide a link that others can follow back to our campaign page and join the effort to stop taxpayer funding of abortion.

That’s it!

So click here and help us leverage the power of the Internet and reach millions of Americans to speak out for the unborn today.

Also, be sure to forward this email on to as many others as possible.


Video explanation of Obama's proposed budget "cuts"

There's a wonderful new video out that offers a simple, easy to understand visualization of President Obama's proposed "cuts" to the federal budget.  It demonstrates how ridiculously insignificant and insincere they truly are.

Take a moment and help educate others by promoting a link to this page, or forwarding it to others via email.

(The video is here...)



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Yet another Planned Parenthood video scandal

Just as Congress is beginning to consider several pieces of legislation that (taken together) would end taxpayer subsidization of abortion, there is yet another undercover video showing us the real face of Planned Parenthood.

The first bombshell video that surfaced over a week ago showed a Planned Parenthood worker helping an alleged pimpt and underage prostitute find out how to get access to taxpayer funded abortions and other services.

In the latest video, Planned Parenthood worker offers help on how to get Medicaid covered insurance for underage prostitutes and any abortions or other services they may need, (whether or not they are US citizens).

Remember, this is an organization that has received over ONE BILLION in federal tax dollars...and facilitated the killing of 325,000 unborn children every year.  Again, with OUR TAX DOLLARS!

If you haven't done it yet, be sure to join our campaign to end ALL taxpayer funding of abortion.

(The video link is here)

Download our toolbar and support your values

If you haven’t downloaded our new toolbar for web browsers yet, we encourage you to do so today.

Not only does it give you easy access to the Coalition’s updates and action alerts, but if offers you a NO COST opportunity to support your values simply by searching and shopping online.

Each year, more Americans decide to avoid the rush at the malls and do much of their Christmas shopping online.  Our new toolbar offers you a 100% free way to support our ongoing voter education efforts while you shop.

(Click here and download your free toolbar now)

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Federal judge rules ObamaCare unconstitutional

The federal judge presiding over the case challenging ObamaCare that was brought by twenty-six states has ruled that it is unconstitutional, null and void.

Judge Vinson agreed with the states bringing the suit that the law was unconstitutional in that Congress has no authority to mandate the purchase of health insurance by individuals, or to make them face a penalty if they fail to do so.

The argument centers around the Constitution's "commerce clause", which gives Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce.  The administration, and Democrats supporting the law claim that the mandate qualifies as a regulation of interstate commerce, but conservatives have pointed out that the mandate to purchase a product is essentially a regulation of activity that has not occurred.

In fact, the judge in the case speculated that, if the commerce clause gives Congress such power, there's nothing that prevents it from mandating that Americans eat Broccoli, or any other activity it wishes.

From the Washington Times:

At issue was whether the government is reaching beyond its constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce by requiring citizens to purchase health insurance or face tax penalties.

SEIU Locals get waivers from ObamaCare rules

After spending years working to push their new rules for how the rest of us can access and pay for health care in America, it shouldn't surprise that many on the left are now seeking and getting waivers from those very rules for themselves.

In other words, ObamaCare for thee, but not for me.

This tracts with what we've always known about big government liberals.  They want to control and dictate how everyone else can live their own lives because they know better.  They're smarter than you.  Which of course means that they're also smart enough to be trusted not to have to abide by the same rules as you.

The latest offenders?  SEIU:

Three local chapters of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), whose political action committee spent $27 million supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, have received temporary waivers from a provision in the Obamacare law.

The three SEIU chapters include the Local 25 in Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

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Vanderbilt backtracks on forcing nursing students to assist abortions

As incredible as it seems, Vanderbilt University actually HAD a policy of forcing its nursing students to pledge to assist in abortions that they have since backtracked from.  Note that they have to "pledge" that they will assist, which leads one to believe they didn't have a lot of volunteers otherwise.

Here's their statement that accompanies the pledge:

“If you are chosen for the Nurse Residency Program in the Women’s Health track, you will be expected to care for women undergoing termination of pregnancy. Procedures performed in the Labor and Delivery unit include…terminations of pregnancy,” it states. “If you feel you cannot provide care to women during this type of event, we encourage you to apply to a different track of the Nurse Residency Program to explore opportunities that may best fit your skills and career goals.”

What makes it even more perverse is that it forced people who wanted to study to save lives to assist in taking them before they could complete studies necessary for their profession.

Of course the university didn't "backtrack" until a complaint was filed by a pro-life legal group.

It turns out that Vandy receives more than $300 million in federal funding every year, and it is against federal law for funding recipients to force health care workers (or those studying the profession) to violate their conscious or religious beliefs by participating in abortions.

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