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Support your values just by shopping online with our new toolbar


If you haven’t downloaded our new toolbar for web browsers yet, I encourage you to do so today.

Not only does it give you easy access to the Coalition’s updates and action alerts, but if offers you a NO COST opportunity to support your values simply by searching and shopping online.

Each year, more Americans decide to avoid the rush at the malls and do much of their Christmas shopping online.  Our new toolbar offers you a 100% free way to support our ongoing voter education efforts while you shop.

(Click here and download your free toolbar now)

The toolbar is equipped with an online store that connects you with over 2,500 major retail merchants – all of which contribute a percentage of your purchases back to Christian Coalition of America!

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57% of Americans support the repeal of ObamaCare

Over eight months after the passage of ObamaCare by a super-slim majority, party line vote, 57% of Americans still favor the outright repeal of the law, according to the latest survey from Rasmussen.  Further, about half of the public believes that the law will eventually force them to change their own insurance plan or cause them to lose it, which is of course what Obama (repeatedly) promised everyone would not be the case.

Again, this is over eight months after passage of the bill; a lapse of time that Democrats thought would allow the opposition to "settle down", especially after everyone saw all the wonderful things that the bill did for them.

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Video: Rubio gives response to Obama in post election message

Congressional Republicans wasted no time putting Marco Rubio front and center, giving him the honor of giving the first post-election response to President Obama's weekly address this past Saturday.

The video clearly shows why so many liberals were worried about Rubio winning the Florida Senate race and being given a place in the national spotlight.  He's effective.  Very effective.  In fact, he's immediately one of the most effective conservative communicators on the national stage.

Check it out for yourself.

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Iowa voters booted judges that mandated gay marriage

Amid all of the other incredible results in the recent election was a sweet bit of electoral justice in Iowa:

(via CNN)

Voters in Iowa chose to remove three high court justices who helped make Iowa the first Midwestern state to permit same-sex marriage.

The vote marks the first time a member of the Iowa Supreme Court has been rejected by the voters under the current system that began in 1962.

Under the voting system in Iowa, each of the three justices up for retention -- Chief Justice Marsha Ternus, David Baker and Michael Streit -- needed simply to get more "yes" votes than "no" votes in the election to be elected for another eight-year term. They faced no opponents. None of the judges raised money for the campaign.

While all seven justices on the court ruled with Ternus, Baker and Streit, those three were the only ones whose seats were up for retention. None of them received the 50 percent "yes" vote needed to remain on the bench.

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Check out the new Christian Coalition mobile app for iPhone and Android

Now you can stay connected from anywhere using our new mobile application for iPhone and Android mobile platforms!

Our new app gives you access to our own website content and more:

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2010 Election Highlights and Observations

Election Roundup...

Headlines and other interesting bits of coverage...

Rubio wins big in Florida senate race (Newsmax)

Tea party favorite Marco Rubio capped his dramatic rise with an easy win Tuesday over Gov. Charlie Crist and U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek in the race for Florida's open Senate seat, keeping it with the GOP.

"We make a great mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican Party," Rubio told supporters at a rally, referring to his and other GOP wins around the country. "What they are is a second chance, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago."

Rubio, a former speaker of the Florida House, was given little chance to defeat Crist when he announced his candidacy last year. Rubio will replace George LeMieux, who was appointed to the seat last year after Mel Martinez resigned.

Moments before the race was called, former Gov. Jeb Bush walked into the room where Rubio was watching returns and said, "Congratulations!" ...

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2010 Election Challenge

Election Day is upon us, and I want to give you a challenge.

I challenge you to make sure as many potential voters as possible are informed about where the candidates stand on important issues in this election.

I challenge you to print out and copy voter guides
and hand them out to others outside of polling locations.

I challenge you to post links to voter guides on other web-sites, newsgroups, blogs, Faceboook and Twitter.

I challenge you to contact as many likeminded conservatives as possible and encourage them to vote – and then follow up and make sure that they voted.

CLICK HERE to access the Christian Coalition voter guide download page now!

Help spread the word!  The stakes are too high in this election for us to do anything less.

Also, I encourage you to click here and make a secure online contribution to our voter guide advertising program.  We will continue advertising them online in targeted areas until the polls are closed.

Every dollar you contribute means more voters will have this important information in their hands BEFORE they go to the polls!

Thanks for all that you do for our shared values.

Roberta Combs

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Will you donate three status updates for voter guides?

Will you help us promote voter guides by donating one status update on your social network of choice every two days between now and Election Day?

Tuesday will be here before you know it, which means our time to get voter guides into the hands of more voters is growing short.

Our new “Donate Your status” application makes it easy to spread the word to others you know by using the viral power of social networking.

When you use either one of these services, it automatically allows you to “donate” a status update on behalf of our voter guides, one time each week between now and Tuesday.

You just click the appropriate service logo on our “Donate Your Status” page, and then give our application permission to post the message on your behalf.

That’s it!

Every two days your friends on these networks will see a message from you encouraging them to download and distribute voter guides.  And given the viral nature of Facebook and Twitter, it will help us reach out to hundreds of thousands of other potential pro-family activists, increasing our chances of success.

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It's Election Day!

It is finally here - Election Day!  Today is the last day help educate voter BEFORE they go to the polls.

If you haven't done it yet, be sure to go to our 2010 Voter Guide page and download voter guides for your area.  Print, copy and distribute to anyone and everyone you know and help make sure they know where the candidates really stand before they cast their ballot.

And be sure to use our "Donate Your Status" application to volunteer to post ONE status update on Election Day on either Facebook or Twitter.  Our new app does this for you AUTOMATICALLY, and will help us leverage the viral power of the Internet to promote voter guides all around the country.

The polls are close in many critical races, and we've seen over and over again how important just a handful of votes can be!

Just more educated voter can be the difference between victory or defeat for candidates that will actually respect our values and our Constitution. 

Every vote counts!


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