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It's Election Day!

Today is the day to bring some REAL change to America.

Recent polls show a record number of competitive US House and Senate races...and lots of momentum for conservatives.  And while those reports and VERY encouraging, they are still just opinion polls.  They're not votes.  Yet.

If you haven't done it yet, be sure to go to our 2010 Voter Guide page and download voter guides for your area.  Print, copy and distribute to anyone and everyone you know and help make sure they know where the candidates really stand before they cast their ballot.

We also have a great application that helps you promote voter guides on social networks (Facebook and Twitter), over the next day, to all of your friends AUTOMATICALLY with just 1 status update or 'tweet' over the course of Election Day.

But just one more educated voter can be the difference between victory or defeat for candidates that will actually respect our values and our Constitution.  In other words, every vote counts!


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Add a "voter guides" tab to any Facebook fan page









Christian Coalition’s 2010 Voter Guides are now available on Facebook!

Better yet, our new Facebook Voter Guide application allows YOU to add a “Voter Guides” tab to any Facebook fan page that you control!

In order to be as effective as possible we must get our voter education materials in front of as many voters as possible between now and Election Day.  And every day tens of millions of Americans visit Facebook.

If you have a Facebook “fan page”, you can click here and visit our “Voter Guide Application Page” and choose the “Add to my page” link that appears on the left.  This will bring up a menu of “pages” you control.  Simply click the page you wish to add the “Voter Guides” tab to.  That’s it!

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Liberal tolerance on display in Massachusetts Senate race

Just how "tolerant" are liberal Democrats in Massachusetts?  Check out the video below and you'll get an idea.

This from people who say conservatives are intolerant.


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“I want to help you make every day Earth Day."

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, 6th District, Maryland, says, “I want to help you make every day Earth Day.  That is why I am hosting a Go Green Energy Conference from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on Monday, June 29, 2009 in conjunction with The e-ventplex at the Frederick Fairgrounds, Frederick County Office of Economic Development and the Frederick City Department of Economic Development.  I encourage homeowners, farmers and small business owners to attend this free event to discover practical ways you can save money, use less energy and go green on any size budget.  The conference will provide simple nuts and bolts solutions to your energy needs for your home and business as well as networking opportunities with other home owners, farmers, and business owners. Every step we take in our homes and businesses and the vehicles we drive will help our country transition to domestic, cleaner and renewable energy sources.”

Obama's Agenda for Your Employer

Obama's Agenda for Your Employer

Obama has vowed to outlaw discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Under Obama's plan, your employer will have to maintain an open-door policy not only for gays, lesbians and bisexuals, but also for transgender, transvestite, cross-dressing job applicants and will have to implement policies and employee training designed to protect such workers from harassment and discrimination . . . This may mark the first time in America that a Federal agenda contrary to scriptural/Judeo-Christian ethics will have been linked to economic rights, to the ability of companies to sell in the marketplace.

Obama on Gay Rights--What he Did Not Tell Pastor Rick Warren's Church

This has got to be the biggest story in this election cycle that has
NOT been told yet. Most Americans seem unaware that Senator Obama
endorses an extreme homosexual rights agenda. For the most part, the
only groups that seem to be aware of this are the gays. Try a simple
Google search for "Obama LGBT Rights" and you'll see what I mean.
Dozens of gay groups, including some with large followings, are openly
celebrating Obama's candidacy, while many conservative, pro-family or
Christian organizations are seemingly unaware of Obama's stand on these

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