Alaska Joins 36 States in Voting for Parental Notification Before Teen Abortions

The voters in Alaska on Tuesday voted for Measure 2, a ballot proposal which would allow parental notication before their teen-age daughter has an abortion.  Alaska now joins 36 other states with a commonsense pro-life law and abortionists will now have to give parents of a minor girl 48 hours notice before performing an abortion on her.

There was a wide margin of victory for Measure 2 in Alaska.  Some 55.5% of Alaskan voters voted for the initiative whereas only 44.4% of voters voted against the measure.  In addition, the Sarah Palin-endorsed Senate candidate, Joe Miller, a West Point graduate and Gulf War I veteran, who ran in the Alaska Republican primary against Senator Lisa Murkowski and apparently has beaten her, credits his victory, in part, to the pro-life voters who voted for Measure 2.

Part of the reason many conservative and pro-life voters have rejected Senator Murkowski is that often she votes with the Democrats on key abortion votes in Congress. quotes the campaign manager for Alaskans for Parental Rights, Bernadette Wilson:  "I think that Alaskan parents are concerned. They want to be there for their girls and they want to be there even when the going gets tough.  And I think we sent the message loud and clear that we want to care for these girls, even those girls who come from unhealthy home environments."

All indications from the many state primaries which have already been held, is that concern for the unborn amongst Americans is alive and well, especially among evangelical Christians and pro-life Independents.  Undoubtedly, in this November's election, many pro-life Members of Congress and gubernatorial candidates will be swept into office with the expected Republican landslide.

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