Baby Born Alive Stabbed to Death at Clinic--plus--Re-education for America

How's that again? On Tuesday (2/9/11-Contra Costa Times) we learned that a business in Antioch, California denied an unidentified man a position as a residential counselor for American Education and Travel Services because he was not a U.S. Citizen or native English speaker.

A ‘discrimination' lawsuit was brought against the firm which was ordered by the court to pay $10,000 in damages to the man in this ‘anti-discrimination' case. The court also mandated that the company provide anti-discrimination training they call it in Communist

The feds, according to their rule book, "protects workers from discrimination based on citizenship status or national origin" and must hire someone for a job even if they are not qualified and can't speak English. So this means that according to law, we are forbidden to say ‘no' to anybody for any reason. If they want something from us, we MUST grant them what they want, because everybody has rights.

Yet the same Socialist Government that was pushed on us, encourages discrimination against Christians and, worst of all, against babies in the womb, the most defensless of all. Tears are dropping on my keyboard as I write about this, the most horrifying cruelty that just happened regarding the actual murder of babies born alive.

This question demands an answer: Is it a fetus...or is it a baby? Pslam 139:14 says: "I will praise thee, for I am fearfuly and wonderfuly made; marvelous are thy works and that my soul knoweth right well."

Every baby is indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made. On the 18th day after her conception, when she is only 1/10th of an inch...the first parts to be developed are her ears and her eyes. On the 25th day, when she is 1/4th of an inch...her heart and her tongue are developed. As he grows, his eyes (like ours) will have 100 million receptors...he will have 500,000 touch receptors...his ears will have 24,000 fibers...he will have 500 muscles...200 bones...7 miles of nerve fiber...60,000 miles of blood vessels...his heart will pump 1,600 gallons of blood every day and his mind will think 800 words per minute.

The birth of a baby is a miracle as is all human life....for two people to become parents is a divine miracle and sacred trust from God. The Bible tells us that "The two shall become one flesh." A baby is a combination of the father's flesh and the mother's flesh, both an equal part of this new life. And that is what the Bible means about the two becoming one flesh. This is a true and sacred blessing of God

There are those who become wealthy by killing babies...yes killing...more accurately, MURDERING! Fifty three million babies have been killed since the insane law called, Roe vs.Wade was promoted and passed by Democrats, encouraging and making abortion legal. Currently, 4,000 babies are slaughtered every day.

Planned Parenthood which is like a chain store abortion factory is and has been heavily financed by the U.S. Government, using our tax dollars for the continuing rampage against babies in the womb despite heavy opposition from the majority of Americans.

The most chilling revelation of the abortion business unfolded with the arrest of a Philadelphia abortion "doctor" named Kermit Gosnell who killed many babies that had been born...repeating...after they had been born alive!

One disturbing account was a baby that survived the abortion, was born alive and plopped on a slab type table where it gasped for breath, twitching, flailing as it hoplessly fought to live. The "doctor," totally unmoved by the spectacle nodded to an unlicensed assistant with no medical degree who calmly walked over to the table with a knife in her hand and....slit the crying baby's throat, then dumped the remains.

Gosnell, who operated his own clinic in Philadephia, called, ‘Women's Medical Society,' had killed 7 infants born alive and viable according to reports. He is also charged in the death of a patient having an abortion by allowing too much anesthesia by yet another unqualified clinic employee. The so called ‘doctor' has been rightfully charged with first-degree murder and faces the death penalty which absolutely should be carried out.

However, if the district attorney is a Democrat, there will be no punishment. Leftists want to murder babies and euthanize old people after ‘they are no longer useful'. The Socialist Democrats, obsessed with reducing the world population, can only be identified as, The Party of Death. They want babies out of the way, old people out of the way, and they desperately want God out of the way.

Christians, I urge you to take a collective stand against this brutal slaughter against the human race. Since it has been accepted that if a baby marked for death is born alive, they can jam a knife into that little body to finish it off, perhaps a new murder defense is in the making. The murderer's defense attorney can simply say that this person was not intended to be born so he or she was properly disposed of since a precedent has been established. Don't think for a moment that such a scenario could never happen. We felt the same with several issues in the past. Think back on outrageous repugnant behavior and conduct that is now legal.

General Dan Helix, US-V and a pastor-chaplain, just forwarded an email to me that puts it all in perspectrive and should be re-examined: "Jesus died over 2000 years ago. Nobody has ever referred to him as the late Jesus, not even the heathens. Nowhere in history. Nowhere has He EVER been referred to in the past tense! He is the Living God!"

It is time for all Americans to get on their knees, ask God for forgiveness for what we have failed to affect and stop, due to our silence. The Democrat-Killing Machine is determined to snuff out as many lives as possible while getting rich in the gruesome extremely painful process for the infants.

To our shame we let it happen. This is a major reason God has taken His Hand of protection off of America, leaving us all in chaos and financial ruin with foreign enemies coming to our shores determined to destroy us just as we have allowed the brutal destruction of babies.

Americans, please wake up!. We can be silent no more. Meanwhile, think about this question: Is it a fetus...or a baby? Then decide.

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