BREAKING! Dems Rig Machines to Route Votes to Obama!

BREAKING! Dems Rig Machines to Route Votes to Obama!

Las Vegas : NV : USA | Nov 03, 2012 at 6:12 PM PDT

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                                                                                    Obama Set for Second and Continuous Term
by Rev. Austin Miles

When the early elections began, immediate evidence suggested that something was very wrong with the voting system.

U.S. military personnel out of the country were anxious to get their absentee ballots in. Then the puzzling news came out that the military vote was much lower than expected.
It was fishy since it is known that thousands of them wanted to vote to remove Obama, the worst Commander- in-Chief in history,

Then word came in that the plane carrying the ballots (4,700 pounds worth), crashed in Shindad Air Force Base and all the ballots burned up. Now, of course, it is too late for the military to get a vote in. If there was such a plane crash, was there an investigation? Anybody killed? So far no news of any of that. We heard only the fabricated excuse as to why the thousands of ballots are missing.

Next, a voter in Las Vegas tried voting for Governor Romney but the machine automatically checked "Obama." The voter tried multiple times with the same results, exactly as the machines were programmed to do in Nevada, Democrat Senator Harry Reid's territory.

That was followed by a similar case reported in North Carolina. On October 24th in Virginia, the son of 11-term Democratic Rep. Jim Moran was caught on tape encouraging voter fraud. Moran rightfully resigned from the campaign

It gets worse: According to, Ohio volunteer poll workers were disturbed by van loads of Somali immigrants being bused to their polling place for early voting.

Over 45,000 Somalis live in Ohio. Most could not speak English. Only 40% of those have become citizens of the United States. Only Democrat translators were available. Not difficult to figure it out.

The voter registration process has been altered by democrats. States are not permitted to examine or enforce their own laws. States, like Texas, are threatened from protecting itself from foreign voter interference. Even ID requirement is considered unconstitutional as it discriminates against minorities. (?)

This election shows the exact same tactics of 2008 that placed Obama in power. And talk about voter intimidation. Black Panthers. armed with metal pipes threatened voters. That was reported on the spot and shown on television, but absolutely nothing was done about it. The move to sweep Obama into the Oval Office would not be stopped.

This year the Dems continue to issue ballots to dead people whose families are democrat and can fill them in.

Voters-be aware and observe everything in that booth. When you use a machine and push the button for Romney and it automatically puts it in the circle for Obama, immediately call the election board, the local paper, and then sue the democratic party for violating your constitutional rights to vote for the candidate of your choice.

The governor of the state can be called and advised that he should call out the National Guard to the polling places.

If Obama is again shoe-horned in, demand a vote recount with every ballot checked to determine voter eligibility.

Obama vowed to be transparent. In that he has truly succeeded. He is so transparent that one can see right through him.

The first clue to Obama should have been when he vowed to 'change America.' First of all, "change" is the mantra of the Communist Party.

America has never needed to be changed, but maintained.

That must be our goal for the future.