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Capitol Hill Update: 53 House Republicans Demand Obama Fire "Safe" School Czar

Congressman Steve King, Republican from Iowa, has been leading a crusade to rid the White House of one its most abominable appointments  --  equal to the communist Van Jones, Obama's "clean jobs czar" who was forced to resign through the efforts of Fox News' Glenn Beck  --  that of the "safe schools" czar, Kevin Jennings. 

On Thursday, Congressman King and 52 other Republicans sent a letter to the president demanding that he fire Jennings, a radical homosexual activist who unbelievably now is in charge of the Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools. 

Commentators such as Glenn Beck have revealed that Obama's "safe school czar", Kevin Jennings, ignored the sexual abuse of a child.  Indeed, in his book, One Teacher in Ten, Jennings writes about a 15-year-old student who told him that he was having a sexual relationship with a much older man. 

Incredibly, the only response to this shocking revelation from one of his students that Jennings could muster was, "Are you using a condom?"  In other words, Jennings broke the law when he did not report this sexual abuse of a minor.  Jennings is just one example of the countless radicals which populate the Obama administration. 

Capitol Hill Update: Republicans' Alternative to Obama's Socialized Medicine

As the Senate Financial Services Committee votes today (Tuesday) on legislation which isn't even a lawful bill  --  only a set of universal health care concepts which the now-discredited Congressional Budget Office scored under 1 TRILLION dollars  --  which includes huge tax increases disguised as fees and levies, and nearly a half trillion dollars in Medicare cuts, Americans need to be reminded that the "elite" news media has had a virtual black-out on the Republican alternatives to Obamacare.  All versions of Obamacare in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are intended to lead to a single-payer system or more accurately a European-style and Canadian-style socialized medicine system.  

Left-wingers in the White House and in the Democrat-controlled Congress and their "Old Media" allies angrily attack the incredible backlash by the American people to Obamacare which has occurred during the past few months and complain that the Republicans have not offered up an alternative.  This of course is yet another lie.  Think Congressman Joe Wilson's comment, "You lie" during the president's September address desparately seeking passage of his Obamacare.  

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Capitol Hill Update: Senator Grassley Exposes Stealth Changes by Democrats in Obamacare Bill

Earlier this week, the ranking member of the Senate Financial Services Committee which debated its version of Obamacare last month  --  the Democrats' socialized medicine scheme, a $829 billion monstrosity  --  Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, accused the Democrats of making changes which are bad for America's seniors, veterans and workers.   

That committee's Obamacare bill will be up for a vote in the committee next Tuesday which  --  if passed in the committee by the 13 Democrats on the committee (10 Republicans)  --  will be merged with the Senate health and education committee's even more left-wing legislation, a bill costing the American economy far more than 1 TRILLION dollars.   

The Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada will then come up with a compromise bill working with the two major committee chairmen, Senators Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut and Max Baucus, D-Montana.  Senator Reid hopes to have a bill on the Senate and House floor in a few weeks.  

Capitol Hill Update: Pew Poll Shows Support for Abortion Has Declined From 54% to 47%

The bipartisan Prolife Caucus in the United States House of Representatives is circulating a letter authored by Congressman Doug Lamborn, Republican from Colorado, to be sent to all 435 members of the House of Representatives.   

Incidentally, a tremendous champion for the unborn, Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak from Michigan, has been threatening the Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives by saying that he has about 40 fellow Democrats who will refuse to vote for the health care reform bill unless they are given an opportunity to vote on an iron-clad provision which prevents American hard-earned tax dollars from going to pay for abortions. 

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) circulated the attached Dear Colleague letter yesterday.  The Dear Colleague highlights a recent Pew poll indicating that support for abortion has declined from 54% to 47%, and support for reducing the number of abortions has increased six points since 2005.  Rep. Lamborn also points out that we "cannot seriously talk about reducing the number of abortions in this country and then, in turn, use government dollars to pay for abortions." 

This is particularly relevant in the context of the health care reform debate, because committee-passed health care legislation in both the House and Senate will result in government funded abortion. 

Capitol Hill Update: CBO Shocks Congress With a Nearly Trillion Dollar Cost for Health Care


Wednesday evening, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its cost estimate of the gigantic health care set of concepts  --  it actually is not a bill and there is no legislative language --  which came out of the Senate Finance Committee chaired by Montana Democrat Senator Max Baucus.  With interest, CBO's cost for Obamacare, $829 billion, could skyrocket to $1 trillion including interest payments.   

At the same time, it was revealed that the Fiscal Year 2009 budget deficit was a whopping $1.4 TRILLION, which was 3 times last year's budget deficit which was the previous highest deficit in American history.  President George W. Bush is responsible for a portion of the FY09 budget deficit because of his bailout of the banks and investment companies last year.  However, the Obama administration should get by far most of the blame for the $1.4 trillion budget.  The Obama stimulus bill passed earlier this year will cost the American taxpayers nearly $1 trillion (with interest payments).   

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Capitol Hill Update: Rep. Steve King Demands President Obama Fire Homosexual Activist in his Education Department

It has been an interesting time for the czars in the Obama administration.  First, television talk show host Glenn Beck forced the president to throw his green jobs czar, Van Jones, a former or current avowed communist, under the bus.   

The Democrat Senator from Wisconsin, Russ Feingold, held a hearing which questioned the constitutionality of so many czars; over 30 such unconfirmable-by-the-Senate czars in the Obama admistration.  Also this week, Republican Congressman Steve King demanded that the president fire a radical homosexual activist, Kevin Jennings, the Safe School Czar in the Department of Education.  

What makes Kevin Jennings so unsafe is that when he was a high school teacher, he told a 15-year-old boy, who said that he was in a sexual relationtionship with an older man, that "I hope you used a condom."  He was required by law to notify the authorities; he also refused to tell the boy's parents.     

Congressman King blasts Jennings for pushing homosexuality onto school children, even as young as elementary school students.  Congressman King said:  "The totality of his life has been promotion of homosexuality, and much of it within education.  He has focused on nothing else during the last two decades, and that is not the focus that our schools need to be on."   

Capitol Hill Update: Attempt to Overturn "Hate Crimes" Legislation Blocked in the House of Representatives


Note the latest news from the Office of the Republican Whip in the United States House of Representatives, Eric Cantor, from Virginia.

"Tonight, Republicans offered a motion to instruct conferees to remove the hate crimes language from the Defense Authorization conference report.  (That language was added in the Senate.)  The vote on this motion failed by a vote of 178-234 (R, 156-9; D, 22-225).  The hate crimes bill passed the House as a standalone measure on April 29 by a vote of 249-175 (R, 18-158; D, 231-17).  Please let me know if you have any questions.  And thank you to those of you who expressed support for removing this language from the Defense Authorization bill!"

Here is the background information on the so-called "hate crimes" legislation voted on today from the office of the Chairman of the House Values Action Team, Congressman Joseph Pitts, from Pennsylvania:

Background on hate crimes legislation:

Capitol Hill Update: Democrats Continue to Defy Will of American People on Obamacare


American seniors in recent national polls oppose Obamacare by margins of 2 to 1.  Yet, as anyone, who has been watching coverage of the votes in the Senate Financial Services Committee, knows, the Democrats continue to defy the will of the overwhelming majority who oppose Obamacare including the bill which is coming out of Montana Democrat and Chairman Max Baucus' committee.  Some 41% of the American people support Obamacare, an astoundingly low number of support for a program which will consume nearly 17% of the American economy.  

On occasion, the American people gain a victory during the proceedings of the Senate committee.  But far more often than not, the amendments introduced by Republicans to solve the real problems in our current health care system are voted down by the 13-10 Democrat majority, such as ensuring illegal aliens absolutely do not receive free health care in America.   

Among the victories on Tuesday was the defeat of the two "government option" proposals and a 12-11 vote for Senator Orrin Hatch's amendment restoring the $50 million for abstinence-only education which had been eliminated by the Democrat-controlled Congress. 

Capitol Hill Update: 2 jumbo jets to help Mayor Daley, but only one call to help General McChrystal

There have been many outrageous things which presidents of the United States do from time to time such as Richard Nixon's Watergate plumber operation, Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky cover-up scandal and on and on.  However, the budding Obama Olympic scandal just might eventually compete with the escapades of those past presidents.  

Almost everyone knows by now about the maneuvering by the president and his wife to help their Chicago cronies get the 2016 Olympics such as Mayor Bill Daley, Valerie Jarrett  --  now in the White House after being number 2 on the "Bring the Olympics to Chicago, 2016" effort and owner of land near the place where the Chicago Olympics would be located  --  and other assorted pals and land-owners where the Chicago Olympics will be located (attention "The New York Times":  there may be a story here.)  Fox News' Glenn Beck devoted much of his program today on this subject.   

Today, the First Lady took one of the White House's giant jumbo jets to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark, just one day before her husband is flying on "Air Force One," the hugely-expensive 747 jumbo jet  --  think big carbon prints for two jumbo jets  --  so that they can both lobby the International Olympic Committee to award Chicago the 2016 Olympics later this week in Copenhagen.   

Capitol Hill Update: Democrats protect tiny fish over America's farmers


On a virtually party-line vote last Tuesday, the Democrats in the United States Senate, joined by Socialist Bernie Sanders from Vermont, voted by a margin of 61-36 to protect some tiny minnow-like fish in California, over thousands of farmers and countless other family members.   

Not one Democrat Senator voted for a commonsense amendment, introduced by Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), to turn the water back on for California farmers who have been denied water for the better part of this year because some radicals want to save a few minnow-like fish called the delta smelt.   

Apparently, America's farmers are just another interest group which the party of the left has decided to abandon along with our nation's seniors facing a half-trillion dollar Democrat-inspired Medicare cuts. One of California's two left-wing Senators, Diane Feinstein, nearly had a hissy fit as she complained that the DeMint amendment  --  to allow farmers to receive water so that they don't have to give up their farms for a tiny fish  --  was an attack on her state such as the one on Pearl Harbor.  

She whined that:  " a way this is a kind of Pearl Harbor."  She and her fellow Democrats are perfectly content to throw expendable groups of Americans, i.e. farmers, senior citizens, small businesspeople under the bus as they establish their socialist Utopia in America.   

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