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Capitol Hill Update: Obama's Czars to Go the Way of the Soviet Union?

After the midnight resignation in the middle of Labor Day weekend of one of the most radical "czars" in the Obama administration  --  a former communist named Van Jones, who was appointed by the president as his "Green Jobs Czar"  --  the American people began wondering why all of these unelected and unexamined-by-the-U.S. Senate policy czars were necessary.  Even the liberal and most senior United States Senator, Robert Byrd, from West Virginia has questioned the constitutionality of such czars.   

One Member of Congress has actually introduced legislation to get rid of these czars, which, to be fair, were also used in the Bush administration, although in much fewer numbers.  Congressman Steve Scalise, a second-term Republican from Louisana, has introduced a bill entitled:  "Sunset All Czars Act," (H.R. 3569,) which will bring a halt to the widening practice of the White House to bypass "Congressional oversight by appointing unaccountable advisors to policy-making."   

Capitol Hill Update: Signs of America's Surrender in Afghanistan


Is the Democrat Party getting ready to surrender yet another American ally to our enemies?  There are signs that this could be the case.  In today's "The Washington Times," a front-page story has the headline:  "Will Army brass get day in Congress?"  The article says that the Republicans in Congress are eager to help Obama's generals in the Pentagon receive a troop surge in Afghanistan which the generals need to successfully win the war.   

The question of the year is, will the president listen to his generals and give them the extra troops needed for victory in Afghanistan?  Obama's hero, Republican President Abraham Lincoln, listened to his generals, especially Ulysses S. Grant, and won the Civil War.   

Considering the track record of the anti-war majority faction in the Democrat Party, victory against our enemies in Afghanistan does not look promising.  The anti-war Democrat majority in the early 1970's forced a surrender to America's communist enemies in South Vietnam.  This same anti-war faction almost caused America to surrender in Iraq just a few years ago, but President George W. Bush listened to his generals and gave them the troop "surge" they requested and the war in Iraq has been won.  

Capitol Hill Update: Criminal Enterprise ACORN Protected by 11 U.S. Senators

An amazing thing happened in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill yesterday.  Fear of losing reelection next year caused 172 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to stampede to vote against one of their key left-wing groups, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN.)  The vote to defund ACORN was:  345 to 75 with 2 Members voting "present."  All Republican Congressmen voted to deny all government funding to ACORN.   

In a vote on a similar but weaker amendment last Monday in the U.S. Senate, 7 Democrat Senators defied the wishes of the American people and actually voted to keep funding this criminal enterprise.  All the Republican Senators voted to defund ACORN.   

Capitol Hill Update: House Values Chairman Pitts says abortion will be funded under Democrats' health bill


It is now evident that the health care reform bills coming out of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate will indeed lead to the funding of abortions with taxpayers' hard-earned money in a majority pro-life nation.  Even many who consider themselves "pro-choice" do not want tax dollars funding any abortions; indeed close to 75% of Americans do not want government-funding of abortions.  

Congressman Joe Pitts (R-PA,) the tireless pro-life champion in the House of Representatives and Chairman of the House Values Action Team, is distributing a chart to his colleagues and others entitled:  "Health Care Bill  =  Government-Funded Abortion" published by a group called  

Capitol Hill Update: Homeschooler forced by judge into public school in Obamaland

Left-wing judicial activism is running amuck in Obamaland.  Nothing illustrates this more than the decision by a left-wing activist judge in New Hampshire who forced a girl home-schooled by her mother into the public school system.   

In the top story on the front page of "The Washington Times" on September 4th, it was reported that New Hampshire District Judge Lucinda V. Sadler dictated to the mother of a 10-year-old home-schooled girl that her daughter was to attend public schools because of the "rigidity" of the mother's religious views.   The New Hampshire judicial tyrant in her ruling said that the little girl needed to consider other worldviews as she matures.   

Capitol Hill Update: President Obama is Still Defying the Will of the American People


After President Obama's speech tonight, it is still apparent that he is defying the will of the American people who do not want a government option included in health care reform or the numerous government mandates he listed in his speech.  The including of a so-called "trigger" - blackmailing health care insurance companies, as some Democrats propose - basically guarantees a government-run health care system in America. 

The fact that American taxpayers will eventually pay for elective abortions is abominable and is reason enough to vote against the health care bill being proposed by the Democrats.

Capitol Hill Update: Even Liberal Maine May Join 30 States Outlawing Homosexual "Marriage"


The "Washington Times" reported last week that the governor of Maine, John Baldacci, has signed a formal proclamation putting the state's homosexual "marriage" law up for a vote this November.  Since it is an off-congressional election year, there is a good chance that those committed to traditional marriage between one man and one woman will prevail as traditional values voters have in 30 other states so far.  

The state constitutional amendments banning homosexual "marriage" in those 30 states have passed overwhelmingly by an average margin of 70% approval, including the liberal states of Hawaii, Oregon and California.  The Maine legislature has passed a law approving homosexual "marriage."  However, the procedure called the People's Veto enables the citizens of Maine to override their state legislators.    

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Capitol Hill Update: Obama's Czar Van Jones thinks "Bush caused 9-11"

It was unanimous amongst liberal and conservative talking heads on Bret Baier's Fox News show last evening, that Barack Obama's Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, will be toast by, or at the very least, should be toast by Monday.  On Sean Hannity's show last night, a former staffer of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he should voluntarily resign.  What did this "wack job," as one of the talking heads described him, do to deserve this prediction?   

Capitol Hill Update: Obama's indoctrination of school children

Can you imagine what would have happened if President George W. Bush or President Ronald Reagan had announced that they would be addressing the nation's schoolchildren (kindergarten up to high school) in America to urge children to support their tax cut programs, or welfare reform programs, or to consider volunteering for the United States military services?  The left-wing mainstream news media in this country would have gone utterly mad and would have stopped the plan before it came to fruition.   

Capitol Hill Update: U.S. must stop pressuring Israel

The Obama administration continues to favor Israel's enemies in the Middle East.  They continue to pressure Israel to not even build new settlements which are needed to serve the natural growth rate of the population in areas which have belonged to Israel for thousands of years.   

In her "Jerusalem Post" column on August 27th, Caroline Click said:  "On Tuesday the Guardian reported that the Obama administration is now making Israel an offer it can't refuse: In exchange for a government order to freeze construction for Jews in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, the administration will adopt a 'much tougher line with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program.'" 

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