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Capitol Hill Update: The Stupid Party's choice for N.Y.'s 23rd District

The Republican Party isn't named the "Stupid Party" (vs. the "Evil Party") for no reason.  Just when Americans of conservative persuasion have begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel from their time in the wilderness, to mix two metaphors, the Republican leadership in New York's 23rd congressional district put up as their candidate to take the place of Obama's future Secretary of the Army, Congressman John M. McHugh, a real Obama-like radical.  

Capitol Hill Update: ObamaTeddyCare's abortion mandates

Next week, when Congress returns from their month-long recess to Washington D.C., Christian Coalition of America's lobbyists will be back in action on Capitol Hill fighting one of the biggest battles in CCA's 20-year history: opposition to Obamacare, now officially known as the "Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Health Care Reform Act," with a new nickname "ObamaTeddycare".  

Contrary to what the president says  --  and it seems he hasn't even read the key House bill on Capitol Hill  --  his universal health care legislation will indeed force Americans into funding abortions for just about any reason and for just about anyone.  This is abominable and the Christian Coalition of America will fight to ensure that this does not happen.  

Capitol Hill Update: Will Blue Dog Democrats Save Obama From Himself?

The Republicans are now in a win-win situation regarding Obamacare which is now called the "Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Health Care Reform Act" or nicknamed "ObamaTeddyCare".  The Democrat leadership in Congress - cynical as ever- are trying to increase support for their deader-than-a-door-nail Obamacare and are taking advantage of Senator Kennedy's death by renaming this disastrous bill.  

George Stephanopoulos, of ABC's Sunday morning talk show, told Laura Ingraham on Bill O'Reilly's show last night that Kennedy's death won't make that much difference in the health care debate.  Stephanopoulos said if anything passes this year, it will have to be a scaled-back bill.   

Capitol Hill Update: Bush's $70 billion first-2-year-deficit ('01 & '02) vs.Obama's $3 TRILLION first-2-year-deficit('09 & '10)

An astounding chart was published in yesterday's "The Washington Times."  The chart, devised by Barack Obama's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) showed the federal budget surpluses (2000 and 2001) and the budget deficits each year since then and up to the year 2019, 18 straight years of budget deficits.   

When you add the chart budget amounts for the first two years of the Bush 43 administration and compare the estimated amounts (in the OMB's chart) for the first two years of the Obama administration, the results are eye-popping.  In 2001, George W. Bush's first year, there was a budget surplus of over $100 billion and in 2002, the budget deficit was about $170 billion according to the OMB chart.   

Capitol Hill Update: Democrat Thugs in Congress Intimidating American Businesses

News broke late last week on Capitol Hill that White House thuggery is being copied by some powerful congressional committee chairmen.  "The Washington Times" editorialized that "Government coercion is becoming standard operating procedure in the nation's capitol."   

Of course, considering that the most anti-business White House in American history is being populated with some of the most virulent anti-capitalist radicals in America - such as the avowed communist and former convict, Van Jones - maybe the fact that they are infecting their Democrat brethren on Capitol Hill isn't too surprising.   

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Capitol Hill Update: Sen. Lieberman Tells Obama and Other Left-wingers to Postpone Obamacare Until After the Recession

Democrat-turned-Independent Senator Joe Lieberman from Connecticut, and Al Gore's former running mate in 2000, is urging Barack Obama and his fellow left-wingers to post Obama's socialized medicine bill until after the recession is over.  Better yet, he says, Obama needs to incrementally reform America's health care system.   

Newsmax said yesterday that "one of the Senate's most powerful Democrats (sic) said Sunday that President Obama should take an 'incremental' approach to fixing health care and argued that the country should postpone adding nearly 50 million new patients to the government system until after the recession is over."  

Capitol Hill Update: Obama sneaks past Americans an extra TWO TRILLION dollars of spending late Friday

Many presidential administrations, and politicians seeking to sneak bad news past their constitutents, announce on a late Friday afternoon  --  too late for television networks to report the news in Friday evening broadcasts and too late for most newspapers to put the news on their front pages  --  really bad news.   

Unfortunately, the Obama administration has made this a very frequent practice.  Americans do not pay too much attention to news on weekends and Friday evenings.  So in other words, it is a very deceitful practice.  And this is from an Obama administration which had as a major campaign promise last year to conduct a more transparent government.  

Capitol Hill Update: Obama Dissing 1,700 Minority and Poor Children in D.C.

So much for freedom of choice in America.  The president of the party which is rabidly pro-choice on abortion is not pro-choice when it comes to freedom of choice in education for some 1,700 black, poor and other minority children in Washington D.C. who could be eligible for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.  

The program begun by President George W. Bush's administration in 2004 allowed up to 1,700 children to receive up to $7,500 to attend a non-public school just as Barack Obama's children attend a private school in Washington D.C.  According to Wednesday's "The Washington Times," only children whose families have an annual income at or below 185% of the federal poverty guidelines may qualify for the vouchers.   

Capitol Hill Update: Dems' "go it alone" on Obamacare should be entertaining to watch

When Barack Obama was asked yesterday whether he will get a health care reform bill passed this year, Obama said he is absolutely confident such a bill will pass and he hopes it will be bipartisan.  In other words, Obama and his left-wing leaders in Congress are perfectly prepared to pass Obamacare with the "public option"  --  opposed by an overwhelming majority of Americans  --  without a single Republican vote.  Indeed, some 100 left-wing House members have vowed to vote against any health care legislation unless it has the "public option" or what is called the "government option" by the Republicans.  

Capitol Hill Update: Republican Whip is right: "Stimulus is not working"

The number two Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Eric Cantor, the Republican Whip from Virginia is absolutely correct when he said yesterday, according to an Associated Press acount, that no one should be touting the benefits of the stimulus bill  - as Vice President Joe Biden has - at a time when national unemployment is at 9.4%.

A poll published this week said that 72% of the American people agree with Congressman Cantor and actually want the unspent portion of Obama's nearly trillion dollar (with interest) stimulus bill signed into law by Obama last February to be returned to the American people.  Indeed, the major portion of the stimulus bill remains to be spent, or better yet, to be returned to American taxpayers.

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