Capitol Hill Update: 2 jumbo jets to help Mayor Daley, but only one call to help General McChrystal

There have been many outrageous things which presidents of the United States do from time to time such as Richard Nixon's Watergate plumber operation, Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky cover-up scandal and on and on.  However, the budding Obama Olympic scandal just might eventually compete with the escapades of those past presidents.  

Almost everyone knows by now about the maneuvering by the president and his wife to help their Chicago cronies get the 2016 Olympics such as Mayor Bill Daley, Valerie Jarrett  --  now in the White House after being number 2 on the "Bring the Olympics to Chicago, 2016" effort and owner of land near the place where the Chicago Olympics would be located  --  and other assorted pals and land-owners where the Chicago Olympics will be located (attention "The New York Times":  there may be a story here.)  Fox News' Glenn Beck devoted much of his program today on this subject.   

Today, the First Lady took one of the White House's giant jumbo jets to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark, just one day before her husband is flying on "Air Force One," the hugely-expensive 747 jumbo jet  --  think big carbon prints for two jumbo jets  --  so that they can both lobby the International Olympic Committee to award Chicago the 2016 Olympics later this week in Copenhagen.   

This huge White House effort, mainly organized by Valerie Jarrett, is in contrast to the amount of time which the president is spending to help our American troops win the war in Afghanistan.  Indeed, one of the reporters on CBS' "60 Minutes" show last Sunday was absolutely astounded when told by General Stanley A. McChrystal, the commander of the American troops in Afghanistan, that he had only one phone call with the president in his first 70 days in Afghanistan.   

This contrast between the Obama Olympic effort and the Obama Afghanistan effort obviously points out the misguided priorities of the Obama administration.   

Will the long-dormant investigative journalists at our nation's "elite" media discover  --  through a little investigation  --  that behind the scenes, America was already selected as the winner of the 2016 Olympics before the Obamas' trip?  Or maybe a "mainstream" reporter just might find out that the White House knew exactly how each member of the Olympic committee was going to vote and the White House just wanted a great photo op in Copenhagen.  

A much bigger scandal, and a Pulitzer, might be in the offing for an enterprising Bob Woodward who just might want to find out what kind of riches will be coming to those cronies in and out of the Obama administration who might profit by the 2016 Olympics being awarded to probably the most corrupt city in the United States whose citizens do not even want the Olympics or do not want to be bothered with the huge tax increases, both domestic and federal, that they will have to pay.

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