Capitol Hill Update: Blue Dog Democrats: Are you listening?

After Tuesday night's crushing defeat of all the Democrat candidates in the major races -- in Virginia (a 3-race sweep) and in New Jersey (in a huge upset) -  and a tremendous defeat in Maine for the radical homosexual movement and their left-wing allies (including the media) all over the nation, the big question now is will the Blue Dog Democrats listen to the American people?  Their record of listening to their voters is not good so far this year.    

Just last year, the president won both New Jersey and Virginia by large margins, but Republican Governor-elect Robert McDonnell won a gigantic 20-point margin victory over the Democrat candidate and Republican Governor-elect Chris Christie defeated the sitting Democrat Governor, Jon Corzine (who put over $100 million of his own money into his past three races).  

Even the Conservative Republican candidate in the 23rd congressional district special election in New York, Doug Hoffman -- who was hardly known two months ago and who was in the single digits in the polls, but actually pulled ahead in the last hours of the election -- made a reasonable showing after forcing the radically liberal Republican from the race who then endorsed Democrat Bill Owens which put the Democrat over the top.  

What is even more astounding is that the president campaigned for Democrat Governor Jon Corzine three times and Joe Biden campaigned for Corzine two times.  Obama campaigned for Democrat Creighton Deeds in Virginia, as did his vice president and many other top Democrat officials, numerous times.   

Many of the Blue Dog Democrats and other moderates in Congress ignored the April 15th protests against big government all over America; ignored the tea party protests against big government on July 4th and other occasions, and finally ignored the massive turn-out at their own congressional open-door meetings during the month of August.    

There are some 80 or so Democrats in moderate or conservative districts which were won by either President George W. Bush in 2000 and/or in 2004 or by Senator John McCain last year.  It would be inconceivable if a majority of them voted for ObamaCare or PelosiCare or ReidCare during the next two months or for any of Obama's big government programs next year. If these Blue Dog Democrats do so, a majority of them will be defeated in the next two congressional elections.   

The first test for the Blue Dog Democrats and other moderate Democrats will be later this week when Nancy Pelosi tries to bring her version of ObamaCare up for a vote this weekend.   Before yesterday's stunning election results, the Speaker of the House of Representatives was already struggling to get the 218 votes for her socialist health care bill.   

It is now doubtful that Pelosi will get 218 votes for her 1,990-page monstrosity.  If she and her fellow left-wingers had any commonsense, they would adopt many of the popular ideas in the newly-introduced 230-page Republican bill which addresses the health care reforms Americans really want.  

Yesterday's election was an immense repudiation of Barack Obama's socialistic government programs and proposed legislation, including his nearly useless trillion dollar (with interest) stimulus bill; including his over one trillion socialized medicine Obamacare bill; and other big government programs which he is trying to ram-rod through Congress.   

A major question on everyone's mind is, will the surprising walloping the Democrats sustained at the polls last night, lead to another political earthquake next year equal to what occurred during Bill Clinton's presidency two years after he was elected president?  

Clinton also tried to put through a socialized medicine scheme and, like Obama, tried to put homosexuals into the military and Clinton failed in both attempts.  Clinton, like Obama, suffered the loss of governorships in Virginia and New Jersey during his first year in office in 1993.  This led to the historic take-over of Congress by the Republican Party in 1994.  It looks as if it is shaping-up to be deja vu all over again. 

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