Capitol Hill Update: Congratulations to ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC for protecting the "pool"

Incredibly, the 4 left-wing networks  --  ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC  --  stood up last week against the Chicago-style thugs in Obama's White House and demanded that the Fox News Channel (FNC) not be censored and dropped from the White House "pool" of reporters.  The "press pool" is a group of news organizations which combine their resources in the collection of news.  The five television news networks are one subset of a "press pool" of reporters.  

This recent Nixon-like enemies-list attack by the White House followed the relentless partisan attacks by the higher-ups at the White House including Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, top Obama political advisor David Axelrod, and Director of Communications, Anita Dunn during the Sunday talk shows the previous two weekends.  And of course, their president piled on Fox News also in a television interview last week.  

The latest Obama administration attack on the FNC, was precipitated when the White House announced that Ken Feinberg, the Special Master for Compensation for the Obama administration, would be giving interviews to ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC, but not to Fox News.  Feinberg explained to the television networks the reasons why and the procedures he would use to cut the pay of all the executives at the corporations which got bailed out by the federal government, and maybe even deciding to cut the pay of executives from other corporations which did not receive bail-out money.   

In a television interview, even David Kurawik, the television news critic at the left-wing "Baltimore Sun," condemned the Obama administration for its censoring of Fox News and congratulated the other 4 television networks for not colluding with the Obama administration.  Mr. Kurawik said that the executive branch has no business trying to tell the press how to run its operations.   

Jake Tapper, from ABC News, also should be commended for going after the Obama press secretary for censoring Fox News.  The other four networks probably believed that the Obama administration would next come after them with a sledgehammer as they did against Fox News for the past 9 months, especially during the past two weeks.   

The "proud liberal" who served in the Clinton administration from 1996 to 1998, Lanny Davis, said in his "The Washington Times" column today entitled "White House vs. Fox:  Does it make sense?":  "the White House failed to make the distinction between Fox's evening 'opinion' shows, which clearly have a conservative ideological slant, versus the 'news' side of the organization, where there are outstanding, professional reporters such as Major Garrett, Carl Cameron, Shepherd Smith and Wendell Goler."   

And Lanny Davis provides an example of why conservatives have been so angry with the biased left-wing networks (ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC) for the past few decades when he writes:  "And if Fox was perceived as overplaying the tea parties, conservatives perceived that MSNBC, the New York Times and othe rmainstream media outlets underplayed or were slow to fully report the ACORN scandal."  Now that's an understatement.  

The administration and its fellow left-wing allies complain that the Fox News Channel is right-wing.  When they make this accusation, they tacitly agree that ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC are left-wing, and not fair and balanced, and will support whatever the Obama White House does and says.  The recent act of solidarity with Fox News by these four liberal networks to protect the integrity of "the pool" of reporters is a welcome sign that there is still some semblance of integrity left amongst these networks. 

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