Capitol Hill Update: Democrat Thugs in Congress Intimidating American Businesses

News broke late last week on Capitol Hill that White House thuggery is being copied by some powerful congressional committee chairmen.  "The Washington Times" editorialized that "Government coercion is becoming standard operating procedure in the nation's capitol."   

Of course, considering that the most anti-business White House in American history is being populated with some of the most virulent anti-capitalist radicals in America - such as the avowed communist and former convict, Van Jones - maybe the fact that they are infecting their Democrat brethren on Capitol Hill isn't too surprising.   

In its editorial on Monday, the "Times" stated that the "Democrats are unhappy that parts of the private insurance industry are opposing the government health care takeover.  The reaction is chilling."  By September 4th, these insurance companies - according to "The Politico" - "are supposed to supply the government with detailed compensation data for board members and top executives as well as a 'table listing all conferences, retreats, or other events held outside company facilities from January 1, 2007 to the present that were paid for, reimbursed, or subsidized in whole or in part by your company.'"   

On the other hand, the despicable pharmaceutical industry - which surrendered to the Obama administration and promised funding of between $150 million and $200 million in advertising to promote Obamacare - do not have to make such financial reports to thuggish congressional committee chairmen.  Neither do other industries have to supply such reports to Big Brother.  The private insurance industry is being isolated because it is unabashedly opposed to Obamacare and is fighting such socialism in its advertising.   

The "Times" editorial ends with the statement:  "Thuggish behavior by politicians is a valid reason not to give them even more power over people's lives."  It could not be better said.

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