Capitol Hill Update: Democrats Continue to Defy Will of American People on Obamacare


American seniors in recent national polls oppose Obamacare by margins of 2 to 1.  Yet, as anyone, who has been watching coverage of the votes in the Senate Financial Services Committee, knows, the Democrats continue to defy the will of the overwhelming majority who oppose Obamacare including the bill which is coming out of Montana Democrat and Chairman Max Baucus' committee.  Some 41% of the American people support Obamacare, an astoundingly low number of support for a program which will consume nearly 17% of the American economy.  

On occasion, the American people gain a victory during the proceedings of the Senate committee.  But far more often than not, the amendments introduced by Republicans to solve the real problems in our current health care system are voted down by the 13-10 Democrat majority, such as ensuring illegal aliens absolutely do not receive free health care in America.   

Among the victories on Tuesday was the defeat of the two "government option" proposals and a 12-11 vote for Senator Orrin Hatch's amendment restoring the $50 million for abstinence-only education which had been eliminated by the Democrat-controlled Congress. 

However, yesterday in the Senate Financial Services Committee, an amendment to prevent federal funding for abortions was defeated by a 13-10 vote.  The Democrat majority on the Senate committee also defied the will of the overwhelming majority of the American people and voted 13-10 against a Hatch amendment providing conscience clause protections for health care workers who do not want to participate in abortions.  In poll after poll up to 75% of the American people do not want their tax dollars going to fund abortions, even including many of those who support abortions.

It is not only America's senior citizens who are going to be hurt badly by rationing due to the one-half trillion cut in their Medicare benefits, but the middle-class and the younger generation are going to suffer through mandates forcing them to buy health care insurance, i.e. forced taxation as ABC's George Stephanapolous told the president in his interview a couple weekends ago, which the president incredibly denied.  Indeed, those Americans who do not pay the forced mandated amounts (taxes) will be liable for up to a year in prison in one or more of the Democrats' health care schemes. 

The American people need to keep up their opposition to the government-run health care legislation as proposed by the Democrats in Congresss and need to make sure that abortion and assisted suicide are not funded and to ensure that abstinence-only education is funded.  The newest Tea Party Express coming across the United States of America to Washington D.C. is a very good start. 

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