Capitol Hill Update: Democrats Keep Adding TRILLIONS to Deficit

The Democrats gave yet another unwanted Christmas present to America's future generations this past weekend as they voted for a monstrous pork-filled Omnibus spending bill (omnibus or consolidated because the Democrats could not get their work done this year by passing the required 12 separate spending bills to keep the government functioning.)   

Incredibly, 3 Republicans joined virtually all the Democrats in voting for this $1.1 TRILLION bill loaded with thousands of pork-projects glommed on to the legislation.  The three Republican Senators who voted for this irresponsible spending bill were Susan Collins from Maine; Thad Cochran and Richard Shelby (up for reelection next year) from the very conservative states of Mississippi and Alabama respectively.  If these three Republican Senators had voted no on the "breaking the Republican filibuster vote," the Democrats would not have been able to even vote on this abominable bill.  

The $1.1 trillion bill is now part of the Democrats' whopping $3.6 trillion annual budget for Fiscal Year 2010 and the president is expected to sign it into law.  The Democrats, contrary to their promises (and the president's campaign promises), increased federal spending by a crushing 12%, by far, the largest increase in many years.  

Another reason why the vote by "pro-life" Republican Senators Cochran and Shelby was so reprehensible was that they joined the Democrats, including some "pro-life" Democrats, into lifting the 13-year-long ban on directly paying for abortions in America's capital, Washington D.C.  Thousands of babies will die as a result.  

Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby voted for the bill even after he promised, by signing a letter, that he would filibuster this pro-abortion bill because of the abortion funding.  Not only did Senator Shelby betray the pro-life movement, but he betrayed his fellow Alabama citizens by voting for this gigantic $1.1 TRILLION pork-filled pro-abortion bill.   

What happened  --  when "pro-life" Republican Senators Cochran and Shelby voted for this bill  --  was the elimination of the Dornan Amendment, sponsored by former Congressman Robert Dornan many years ago which prohibited taxpayer funding of thousands of abortions in the District of Columbia.  

Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona, released a list of the pork projects which infested this bill for which Republican Senators Collins, Cochran and Shelby voted.  Senator McCain referred to one ridiculous project which will spend $2.7 million of American tax dollars on supporting surgical operations in Outer Space. 

Georgia Republican Senator Johnny Isakson said regarding the vote:  "Our economy is still recovering from one of the worst recessions in our nation's history.  American families aren't spending far and away above their means, and the federal government shouldn't be either."   

At the same time the president is signing the $1.1 trillion spending bill into law, he is promising to "spend our way out of this recession."  And of course Obama is talking about using the tax dollars from productive Americans to spend on yet more unnecessary and wasteful government programs.   

In his column on Monday in "The Washington Times," R. Emmett Tyrrell says that Obama is planning to accomplish all of this additional spending "despite the fact that fear is spreading throughout the country that our government deficits are unsustainable. The so-called independents have forsaken him because of their fear that he is bankrupting the country. For that matter, he has expressed the same fear - half a year ago.  Yes, this generosity comes from the same president who told a C-SPAN interviewer last spring, 'We are out of money.'"  

The Republicans in the Senate better get their act together if they expect to be trusted by the American people to govern wisely once they are given the privilege of controlling the United States Senate once again.  Democrats do what they always do:  unwisely spend the hard-earned dollars of the American people.  However, the vote for the $1.1 trillion spending bill loaded-up with pork-barrel projects by three Republican Senators on Monday is not an encouraging sign. 

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