Capitol Hill Update: Democrats protect tiny fish over America's farmers


On a virtually party-line vote last Tuesday, the Democrats in the United States Senate, joined by Socialist Bernie Sanders from Vermont, voted by a margin of 61-36 to protect some tiny minnow-like fish in California, over thousands of farmers and countless other family members.   

Not one Democrat Senator voted for a commonsense amendment, introduced by Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), to turn the water back on for California farmers who have been denied water for the better part of this year because some radicals want to save a few minnow-like fish called the delta smelt.   

Apparently, America's farmers are just another interest group which the party of the left has decided to abandon along with our nation's seniors facing a half-trillion dollar Democrat-inspired Medicare cuts. One of California's two left-wing Senators, Diane Feinstein, nearly had a hissy fit as she complained that the DeMint amendment  --  to allow farmers to receive water so that they don't have to give up their farms for a tiny fish  --  was an attack on her state such as the one on Pearl Harbor.  

She whined that:  " a way this is a kind of Pearl Harbor."  She and her fellow Democrats are perfectly content to throw expendable groups of Americans, i.e. farmers, senior citizens, small businesspeople under the bus as they establish their socialist Utopia in America.   

"The Washington Times" Amanda Carpenter, in her column yesterday quoted Senator Jim DeMint who replied to Senator Feinstein's ridiculous claim:  "Unlike most of the big government solutions coming out of Washington that cost taxpayers billions, this amendment doesn't cost a single penny.  We can turn the water on so thousands of Central Valley farmers can get back to work without creating another federal program or bailing out another industry."   

The California Republican Congressman who represents the farmers' district, Devin Nunes, said after the defeat of the DeMint amendment, "California's senators are behaving as if they represent minnows, not human beings."  What the Democrat Party is doing to America right now could not be better stated than that. 

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