Capitol Hill Update: The Evil Party gets a cynical victory today on the backs of our military

Incredibly, the Evil Party, commonly called the Democratic Party  --  as opposed to the Stupid Party, commonly called the Republican Party  --  will be claiming a victory today as the president cynically signs a defense spending bill on the backs of America's soldiers, sailors and airmen, containing an abomination which the left-wing Democrats were unable for a couple decades to pass as a stand-alone bill, the so-called "hate crimes" bill, also known as the "thought crimes" bill.   

President George W. Bush and Congresses controlled by Republicans were able to prevent this infamous "thought crime" legislation from passing during the past decades.   The Republicans maintained that the prosecution of crimes committed by different people who may have hatreds for their victims was unnecessary and indeed, unconstitutional.   

However, in one of the most cynical and despicable moves in legislative and executive branch history, Barack Obama will sign the Fiscal Year 2010 DEFENSE Appropriations (spending) bill today giving special rights to one of most fanatical left-wing fringe groups which helped elect him last year, the powerful homosexual lobby.    

When Obama signs this legislation into law, Christians, Jews, and Islamists will eventually be prosecuted  --  as many Christians have been persecuted in other countries which have such abominable and anti-God laws  --  for reading Bible verses regarding homosexuality from the pulpit of churchs or synagogues or from the Koran in mosques (Islam is against the practice of homosexuality) which preach opposition to homosexuality.

For example, in Oakland, California, some black Christian women discovered that they did not have free speech rights in certain areas, such as condemning the practice of homosexuality.  Actually, the Christian women's crime  --  they were all employees of the Oakland government and their group was a pro-family forum for people of Faith  --   was the posting of a flyer which wrote about "respect for the natural family, marriage and family values."   

Columnist George Will wrote about these black Christian women in a column saying that the Oakland officials accused the women of being "determined to promote harassment based on sexual orientation. If the women posted any more flyers, or sent their message via email, the city warned, they would be disciplined and perhaps terminated."  

Another example in America about the absolute injustice in the prosecution of so-called "hate crimes" occurred a couple years ago in the state of New York.  According to the World Net Daily, August 7, 2007, Judge Jill Konviser, on the State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, New York, ruled that evidence of "hatred" is not needed for a prosecutor to pursue a "hate crimes" case against three men who were arrested for the death of a homosexual man.  The man was beaten and then hit by an automobile in a robbery attempt.  Incredibly, Judge Jill Konviser concluded it was because the man was a homosexual and she was determined to give the men much longer sentences  --  "enhanced penalties"  --  because of the New York state "hate crimes" law passed in 2000.   

The federal "hate crimes" bill becoming law today in Obama's White House even allows the federal government the ability to set up "thought police," i.e. federal prosecutors, who will be able to overrule local prosecution of criminal offenses believed to be motivated by prejudices.  What an easy way for political thugs in Obama's Justice Department (and there are many,) or in some future president's administration, to pursue and punish its political enemies.  The way the Obama administration has been going after the Fox News Channel during the past few weeks shows that the Obamacrats are quite willing to go after their political enemies in any way they like.   

Just last night on the Bill O'Reilly show on the Fox News Channel, it was reported that an elderly grandmother who wrote a letter protesting a homosexual parade in England, had prosecutors sent to her home to threaten her with a possible "hate crimes" prosecution.  This will also happen in the United States of America as a result of the "thought crimes" legislation passed by the left-wing congressional Democrats and signed into law by Barack Obama today.   

Pastors in Sweden and Canada have been prosecuted for "thought crimes" under laws similar to the "hate crimes" law which Obama is signing into law.  A pastor in Alberta, Canada, named Stephen Boissoin, used his freedom of speech (if there is such a thing left in Canada anymore) to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper regarding the practice of homosexuality.  Shortly after the pastor's letter was published, a homosexual teen-ager was beaten up.   

Because of Canada's abominable "hate crimes" human rights law, similar to Obama's "hate crimes" law, Pastor Boissoin, was prosecuted and harassed in courts for several years, and eventually found guilty of violating Canada's "hate crime" human rights law.   Supposedly, according to Canada's court system, the pastor's letter exposed homosexuals in the community  --  like the beaten-up teen-age homosexual  --  to hatred and contempt.   

Pastor Boissoin never advocated violence in his letter to the editor.  He was just exercising his freedom of speech about the practice of homosexuality being called an abomination in the Bible. There have been countless other such atrocities against innocent citizens committed by fanatical left-wing prosecutors in other nations which have passed "hate crimes" legislation.  Today, America, joins the infamous growing list of nations committing heinous acts of injustice against innocent citizens.   

Of course, the fact that the most powerful nation on earth now has a so-called "hate crimes" law, the United Nations will be pushing for a world-wide "hate crimes" international law superceding laws of all nations.  Indeed, the Obama administration, along with Egypt's government, has submitted to the United Nations a proposal granting the United Nations rights to condemn nations that do not enact laws against so-called "bias-motivated" crimes.  That is a first step to the United Nations making it mandatory for all nations to adopt "hate crimes"/"thought crimes" laws.    

If Americans think these "thought crimes" prosecutions happening in Canada, Sweden, Great Britain, etc.cannot happen in America, all they need to remember is what happened to those courageous black Christian women in Oakland, California.   

One of the very first acts by a future Republican-controlled Congress needs to be the removal of such abominable "hate crimes" laws from America's penal code.   If the Republicans do not campaign for that next year, they do not deserve control of Congress.

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