Capitol Hill Update: Homeschooler forced by judge into public school in Obamaland

Left-wing judicial activism is running amuck in Obamaland.  Nothing illustrates this more than the decision by a left-wing activist judge in New Hampshire who forced a girl home-schooled by her mother into the public school system.   

In the top story on the front page of "The Washington Times" on September 4th, it was reported that New Hampshire District Judge Lucinda V. Sadler dictated to the mother of a 10-year-old home-schooled girl that her daughter was to attend public schools because of the "rigidity" of the mother's religious views.   The New Hampshire judicial tyrant in her ruling said that the little girl needed to consider other worldviews as she matures.   

So is this a harbinger of what Barack Obama's Education Department has in mind for America's 2 million plus home-schooled children?   "The Washington Times" reported that home-schooled groups have asked why a court has the immense power to decide whether or not a home-schooled parent's religious views are too extreme.   

A Christian legal organization, the Alliance Defense Fund, has been hired by the girl's mother, Brenda Voydatch, to contest the ruling by the judge in a lawsuit brought by the girl's father, Martin Kurowski, asking the judge to force his daughter into the public school system.  This is an abomination in America.   

Judge Lucinda Sadler's statement in her ruling is also an abomination saying that the little girl, Amanda Kurowski, maintains a "vigorous defense of her religious beliefs."   This strongly suggests, said Judge Sadler, that "she has not had the opportunity to seriously consider any other point of view."   

Well, Judge Sadler, how about the tens of millions of public school children who have not had the opportunity to consider other points of view other than the usual left-wing viewpoints of many of the nation's public school teachers?  Is it any wonder why the parents of the 2 million home-schooled children have taken their children out of these schools?   

"The Washington Times" continued its report:  "According to court documents filed in Laconia, a small city in the central New Hampshire's Belknap County, Amanda is a well-adjusted childwhose parents were divorced in 1999. The mother has primary physical custody of Amanda, whom she has home-schooled for several years in math, English, social studies, science, handwriting, spelling and the Bible.

"The course load, except for the Bible study, is similar to what public students get and the mother's home schooling has 'more than kept up with the academic requirements of the [local] school system,' the judge's statement said. The child also takes supplemental public school classes in art, Spanish, theater and physical education and is involved in extracurricular sports such as gymnastics, horseback riding, softball and basketball.

Home School Legal Defense Association attorney, Mike Donnelly, in Purcellville, Va., called the judge's ruling "unreasonable and inappropriate.  The fact that the court talks about the religion of the child and says it thinks the child ought to be in public school because she needs to be socialized shows they have overstepped their authority, which is troubling.  The court cannot just on its own pull opinions out of the air.

"A lot of single moms are concerned about this case because their ex-husbands could use the home-schooling issue to get back at them as has happened in this case.  And now 10-year-olds can't have firm religious convictions?" 

It is time for state legislatures to halt the judicial activism by its state judges.  The United States Congress has refused to rein in these judicial dictators in the federal court system.  Judicial tyranny at the state level is just as onerous as that at the federal level and both need to be addressed. 

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