Capitol Hill Update: Nebraskans overwelmingly reject Senator Ben Nelson

In a previous Capitol Hill Update on Christian Coalition of America's website, the headline was:  "Will Senator Ben Nelson vote to save America?"  The answer came in loud and clear from Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson in a vote taken by the cowardly Democrat Senators at dawn on Christmas Eve as they tried to conceal their shameful votes from the American people celebrating the birth of Jesus. 
Democrat Senator Ben Nelson  --  after accepting a hundred million dollar bribe from his Democrat Senate leaders in the form of a federal exemption for Nebraska from the costs of new federal Medicaid mandates  --  provided the 60th and deciding vote for ObamaCare, the president's socialized medicine scheme being imposed on the American people who overwhelmingly oppose the bill.  Indeed, close to 67% of the most reliable voters, America's seniors, oppose ObamaCare. 
If Senator Nelson had to face his reelection today instead of this November, he would lose to the Republican governor, David Heineman, a West Point graduate, by a whopping margin of 61% to 30%.  If Senator Nelson changed his mind and actually did "vote to save America" from ObamaCare during the upcoming vote on the Senate/House compromise bill early this year, he would make his race against Governor Heineman a lot closer and would lose by only 10 points according to Scott Rasmussen's latest poll in Nebraska. 
According to the same Rasmussen poll, only 17% of Nebraskans support the deal (the Medicaid bribe) which Senator Nelson demanded for his state in exchange for his vote.  Some 64% of Nebraskans oppose the ObamaCare legislation passed by the United States Senate overall.
It gets worse for Senator Ben Nelson.  The Nebraska Right to Life group said that Senator Nelson betrayed them when he voted for the pro-abortion Senate ObamaCare bill and he falsely proclaimed that the bill was "pro-life."  The group had endorsed Senator Nelson in the 2006 election in which he received a stunning 64% of the vote. 
The bill for which Senator Ben Nelson voted, clearly violates the long-standing (Congressman Henry) Hyde Amendment which prohibits federal funding of abortion.  The Senate ObamaCare bill will allow health insurance plans which cover abortion to be included in the state exchanges which are indeed subsidized with Americans' hard-earned tax dollars. 
The head of the Nebraska Right to Life group, Mrs. Julie Schmit-Albin, said about Senator Ben Nelson's vote:  "Senator Nelson obliterated the hope of pro-life Americans who saw him as the last man standing between expansion of government funding of abortion and the Hyde Amendment." 
So now the question a lot of Americans, including most Nebraskans, are asking yet again is, "Will Senator Ben Nelson vote to save America?"  His meek capitulation to Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's thuggish tactics is not encouraging.  However, America's future, and certainly Senator Ben Nelson's hopes for reelection this fall, depend on him changing his vote. 

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