Capitol Hill Update: Obama's Czars to Go the Way of the Soviet Union?

After the midnight resignation in the middle of Labor Day weekend of one of the most radical "czars" in the Obama administration  --  a former communist named Van Jones, who was appointed by the president as his "Green Jobs Czar"  --  the American people began wondering why all of these unelected and unexamined-by-the-U.S. Senate policy czars were necessary.  Even the liberal and most senior United States Senator, Robert Byrd, from West Virginia has questioned the constitutionality of such czars.   

One Member of Congress has actually introduced legislation to get rid of these czars, which, to be fair, were also used in the Bush administration, although in much fewer numbers.  Congressman Steve Scalise, a second-term Republican from Louisana, has introduced a bill entitled:  "Sunset All Czars Act," (H.R. 3569,) which will bring a halt to the widening practice of the White House to bypass "Congressional oversight by appointing unaccountable advisors to policy-making."   

Congressman Scalise, when introducing his legislation, pointed out that over 30 individuals have been appointed by President Obama to serve as "czars" in the current Administration.  He says:  "Without Senate oversight, these appointments distance our nation from its core values of transparency and accountability."  Incidentally, this president promised during his presidential campaign to run the most transparent presidency in American history.  Thus far, he is doing exactly the opposite.    

The Scalise bill, when it becomes law, will require "Senate confirmation of any future bureaucrat wielding czar-like powers, and restricts appropriations to fund these positions and their offices."  Congressman Scalise has secured 40 Members of the House of Representatives to be co-sponsors of his "Sunset All Czars Act."    

The pollster, Frank Luntz, has cited polls showing that one of the top priorities for Americans is to their governmental officials held accountable.  Americans need to urge their Members of Congress to support the "Sunset All Czars Act" to provide accountability in the executive branch and to force the legislative branch into doing their job in oversight. 

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