Capitol Hill Update: Obama sneaks past Americans an extra TWO TRILLION dollars of spending late Friday

Many presidential administrations, and politicians seeking to sneak bad news past their constitutents, announce on a late Friday afternoon  --  too late for television networks to report the news in Friday evening broadcasts and too late for most newspapers to put the news on their front pages  --  really bad news.   

Unfortunately, the Obama administration has made this a very frequent practice.  Americans do not pay too much attention to news on weekends and Friday evenings.  So in other words, it is a very deceitful practice.  And this is from an Obama administration which had as a major campaign promise last year to conduct a more transparent government.  

Late last Friday afternoon, the administration announced that there would be an increase in the deficit during the next ten years by a whopping 2 TRILLION dollars from $7 trillion to $9 trillion.  This is an incredible deficit average of nearly $1 trillion each year for the next ten years.  

This abominable news out of the Obama administration should end the debate about Obamacare, the $1.6 trillion (or more) socialized medicine health care bill once and for all.  Any "Blue Dog Democrat" (and there are some 60 of them in moderate/conservative congressional districts) proceed at their extreme peril, before next year's election, if they have the stupidity to vote for Obamacare.   

Early in his administration Obama signed into law almost a trillion stimulus bill (with interest) and then on top of that passed an almost one-half trillion Omnibus spending bill for Fiscal Year 2009.  The prolific spending by the Obama administration now seems endless.  

Over 70% of the American people want Barack Obama to return the unspent portion (some 2/3 of a trillion dollars) of his stimulus package to them  --  the hard-working American taxpayers.  That is why the town hall meetings  --  especially for the "Blue Dog Democrats"  --  have not gone well this month.   

The big question is, will these Democrats listen to their constitutents and put a stop to this government's steady slide toward socialism?  Their reelection depends on the way they vote on Obamacare (in whatever form it takes) this fall. 

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