Capitol Hill Update: ObamaTeddyCare's abortion mandates

Next week, when Congress returns from their month-long recess to Washington D.C., Christian Coalition of America's lobbyists will be back in action on Capitol Hill fighting one of the biggest battles in CCA's 20-year history: opposition to Obamacare, now officially known as the "Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Health Care Reform Act," with a new nickname "ObamaTeddycare".  

Contrary to what the president says  --  and it seems he hasn't even read the key House bill on Capitol Hill  --  his universal health care legislation will indeed force Americans into funding abortions for just about any reason and for just about anyone.  This is abominable and the Christian Coalition of America will fight to ensure that this does not happen.  

Those wanting to get involved should go to Christian Coalition of America's website and visit the Health Care Action Center to become informed about the issues pertaining to the health care debate and to find out how to get involved, before it's too late.

Among actions listed are the following:

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