Capitol Hill Update: Rep. Steve King Demands President Obama Fire Homosexual Activist in his Education Department

It has been an interesting time for the czars in the Obama administration.  First, television talk show host Glenn Beck forced the president to throw his green jobs czar, Van Jones, a former or current avowed communist, under the bus.   

The Democrat Senator from Wisconsin, Russ Feingold, held a hearing which questioned the constitutionality of so many czars; over 30 such unconfirmable-by-the-Senate czars in the Obama admistration.  Also this week, Republican Congressman Steve King demanded that the president fire a radical homosexual activist, Kevin Jennings, the Safe School Czar in the Department of Education.  

What makes Kevin Jennings so unsafe is that when he was a high school teacher, he told a 15-year-old boy, who said that he was in a sexual relationtionship with an older man, that "I hope you used a condom."  He was required by law to notify the authorities; he also refused to tell the boy's parents.     

Congressman King blasts Jennings for pushing homosexuality onto school children, even as young as elementary school students.  Congressman King said:  "The totality of his life has been promotion of homosexuality, and much of it within education.  He has focused on nothing else during the last two decades, and that is not the focus that our schools need to be on."   

Columnist Byron York wrote on Monday that:  "Jennings' critics have also pointed to a 1999 book, Queering Elementary Education, for which he wrote the foreword. The book's chapters include 'Teaching Queerly: Some Elementary Propositions,' 'Why Discuss Sexuality in Elementary School?" and 'Locating a Place for Gay and Lesbian Themes in Elementary Reading, Writing, and Talking.'  

"The book's cover includes lavish praise from former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, now a professor of education in Chicago, who recommends Queering Elementary Education 'for anyone concerned with the healthy development of children and schools.'"  

Keeping Kevin Jennings in the Department of Education is like having the fox guard the hen house.  Congressman King says  --  regarding Jennings' radical campaign to include the subject of homosexuality even in elementary schools  --  that he opposes conferring "special protected status" on any particular group.   

The congressman describes what Jennings and other radicals like him are doing in education, "a political movement.  It's not about protecting kids, it's about promoting homosexuality and demanding affirmation."   Kevin Jennings should join Van Jones under the president's bus. 




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