Capitol Hill Update: Republican Whip is right: "Stimulus is not working"

The number two Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Eric Cantor, the Republican Whip from Virginia is absolutely correct when he said yesterday, according to an Associated Press acount, that no one should be touting the benefits of the stimulus bill  - as Vice President Joe Biden has - at a time when national unemployment is at 9.4%.

A poll published this week said that 72% of the American people agree with Congressman Cantor and actually want the unspent portion of Obama's nearly trillion dollar (with interest) stimulus bill signed into law by Obama last February to be returned to the American people.  Indeed, the major portion of the stimulus bill remains to be spent, or better yet, to be returned to American taxpayers.

Somehow, not many people are putting much money on the most left-wing Congress in history, led by the most left-wing president in history, to return that money to the American people even though the overwhelming majority of Americans want them to do just that.   

On last Sunday's CBS' "The Early Show," Republican Whip Cantor said that the Obama administration had put immense pressure on the United States Congress to pass his stimulus bill, or otherwise, Obama said, the unemployment rate would rise above 8.5%.   

So, the 50 to 60-some "Blue Dog Democrats" in Congress  --  who represent districts which President George W. Bush won twice and which Senator John McCain won last year  --  succumbed to Obama's pressure and voted for his highly ineffective stimulus bill.  Indeed, recently, the unemployment rate sky-rocketed up to 9.5% and many economists believe the Obama unemployment rate will go above 10% and remain high for months, if not years to come.   

The A.P. also reported that Congressman Cantor said at a job fair recently in Virginia, some 3,200 people showed up in 90-degree weather which indicated to him that Americans are still worried about job security.  It is time for the Democrat-controlled Congress to give the American people back their money by returning the unspent stimulus money and to stop trying to pass massive government-spending programs such as Obamacare.

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