Capitol Hill Update: Senate Vote Saturday Night to Determine if America Will Turn to Socialism

On Thursday, Christian Coalition of America (CCA) sent out an Action Alert to its supporters all over America and urged them to contact both of their United States Senators regarding the most important vote of their congressional careers.  The vote on the Democrats' socialized medicine scheme, commonly called ObamaCare, will come up for a vote on the Senate floor Saturday night at 8 p.m. 

Because the Senate's ObamaCare bill pushed back implementation of the major provisions until 2014, it is important that you, your family and your friends understand the true cost of 10 years of implementation - a whopping $2.5 trillion. 

The question is simply this: Will America leave its roots and give up much of the freedom bestowed on Americans by our Founders by turning to socialism?  That is exactly what the United States Senate will be voting on Saturday night at 8 p.m. when the Democrats attempt to begin debate on ObamaCare.

What the left-wing Democratic leadership is trying to do with its vote on Saturday night is to bring to the Senate floor the Obamacare bill which had no Republican participation and no transparency.  The Democrats cooked up this 2,074 page bill behind closed doors during the past few weeks with only a handful of elitists making decisions for ALL Americans.

What is truly abominable with the Senate's version of ObamaCare, is that Democrat Majority Leader Reid took out the pro-life amendment put into the House of Representatives' ObamaCare bill, an amendment authored by Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak, which overwhelmingly passed the House by a margin of 240-194 with 60 Democrats voting for it. 

Americans will be forced to pay a monthly abortion premium and the bill will massively fund abortions according to the ranking Republican Congressman in the House of Representatives, John Boehner.  Under the bill, Americans will be required to pay at least $1 a month to cover the cost of abortions.

Some 70% of the American people, including many who support abortion, do not want their taxes to fund abortions nor pay monthly premiums for other people's abortions.  And 75% of the American people are satisfied with the health care which they are receiving.  Yet, the Democrats in the Senate are plowing ahead with their bill to install socialized medicine in America.

In its Action Alert, Christian Coalition of America listed 10 key Senators who will determine whether or not debate will begin on the socialized medicine scheme called ObamaCare, the government-controlled health care program, which will eventually lead to a displacement of all private health care insurance plans in America; create a half-trillion cut in Medicare for our seniors; punish young people and others with fines who do not buy health insurance and jail them if they do not pay their fines, and add $2.5 TRILLION to the national debt we are passing on to our children and grandchildren.   

The ten Senators listed in CCA's Action Alert yesterday are:  Senators Ben Nelson, Nebraska; Evan Bayh, Indiana; Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas; Mark Pryor, Arkansas; Mary Landrieu, Louisiana; Joe Lieberman, Connecticut; Claire McCaskill, Missouri; Mark Warner, Virginia, Robert Byrd, West Virginia, and even the Senate Majority Leader himself, Harry Reid from Nevada.  Please encourage your relatives and friends who live in their states to call these Senators immediately!  

It is imperative that Americans call both of their United States Senators today and all day tomorrow to prevent the U.S. government from taking over 1/6 of the U.S. economy.  The 2008 election did not give the Democrat-controlled Congress and the president the mandate to install socialism in America!   Senators should be told, in no uncertain terms, that they need to "Vote NO on the motion to proceed to debate the Senate Democrat healthcare bill."  America's future is at stake.

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