Capitol Hill Update: The Stupid Party's choice for N.Y.'s 23rd District

The Republican Party isn't named the "Stupid Party" (vs. the "Evil Party") for no reason.  Just when Americans of conservative persuasion have begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel from their time in the wilderness, to mix two metaphors, the Republican leadership in New York's 23rd congressional district put up as their candidate to take the place of Obama's future Secretary of the Army, Congressman John M. McHugh, a real Obama-like radical.  

In this mostly conservative district  --  which according to columnist Deroy Murdock is 43.1% Republican and 31% Democrat (and the rest probably mostly conservative independents)  --  11 Republican County chairmen selected to face the probable Democrat candidate, Bill Owens, a radical pro-abortion Republican-in-Name-Only (RINO) woman named Dede Scozzafava who accepts cash from the big labor unions.   

According to Murdock's column in yesterday's "The Washington Times," she earned a disgraceful 15% score on the Conservative Party's latest legislative scorecard, slightly higher than the most left-wing Democrat legislative leaders in the New York legislature.  This action by these Stupid Party county leaders is indicative why the Republicans lost their grip on power at the national level.  If the Republican Party leaders around America emulate these guys, their party will not have a ghost of a chance in next year's congressional elections.   

Thankfully, the people of this conservative district of upper New York state just might have the final say.  There is a true Reagan conservative and successful businessman by the name of Doug Hoffman who has won the endorsement of the Conservative Party which is sometimes successful in influencing who the winning candidate will be.   

Hopefully, the people who have been populating the congressional town hall meetings, including in New York state, will come out in force and vote for the conservative pro-family candidate when the special election occurs in the 23rd district of New York. 

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