Capitol Hill Update: U.S. must stop pressuring Israel

The Obama administration continues to favor Israel's enemies in the Middle East.  They continue to pressure Israel to not even build new settlements which are needed to serve the natural growth rate of the population in areas which have belonged to Israel for thousands of years.   

In her "Jerusalem Post" column on August 27th, Caroline Click said:  "On Tuesday the Guardian reported that the Obama administration is now making Israel an offer it can't refuse: In exchange for a government order to freeze construction for Jews in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, the administration will adopt a 'much tougher line with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program.'" 

How naive does the Obama administration think the citizens of Israel and its legions of Jewish and Christian supporters in America are?  The administration really wants Israel to give back all the lands it rightfully gained back during the 1967 War.  Obama's proposal is a non-starter.

Obama, who pretended to be a friend of Israel during the presidential campaign, is trusted by virtually no Israelis.  In a recent "Jerusalem Post" poll, only 6% of Israelis think the Obama administration is pro-Israel, down from almost 30% in the early weeks of the administration.

As David Rothkopf said in a "" column on July 17th, "Could it be that they believe the Obama Administration is likely to take a harder line with Israel on freezing settlements than it is with Iran to stop its nuclear program?"  It is amazing there are still those in the American Jewish community and amongst Bible-believing Christians who still are supporting this guy.

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