Capitol Hill Update: Will Blue Dog Democrats Save Obama From Himself?

The Republicans are now in a win-win situation regarding Obamacare which is now called the "Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Health Care Reform Act" or nicknamed "ObamaTeddyCare".  The Democrat leadership in Congress - cynical as ever- are trying to increase support for their deader-than-a-door-nail Obamacare and are taking advantage of Senator Kennedy's death by renaming this disastrous bill.  

George Stephanopoulos, of ABC's Sunday morning talk show, told Laura Ingraham on Bill O'Reilly's show last night that Kennedy's death won't make that much difference in the health care debate.  Stephanopoulos said if anything passes this year, it will have to be a scaled-back bill.   

The liberals will have to accept a compromise and forget about the government option Stephanopoulos said.  The moderate Democrats in Congress - named the "Blue Dog Democrats", who represent some 50 to 60 moderate to conservative congressional districts - know such a compromise health care bill needs to be the final bill which passes or many of them will lose their seats next year.   

As Laura Ingraham told Stephanopoulos, Obama's poll numbers are dropping like a rock in all polls.  Even in the more liberally-oriented Gallup poll, Obama now has his worst ratings since he became president.  The polls show a 50% to 43% approval/disapproval rating; the smallest difference (7%) since his inauguration.  The historically more accurate Rasmussen poll has had Obama below 50% approval rating for weeks now.  

The Republicans are in a win-win situation because the American public rose up against Obamacare as the sleeping giant woke up after Pearl Harbor just as the Japanese admiral in charge of the surprise attack feared.  If the Blue Dog Democrats who fear passage of ObamaTeddyCare - after being brutally beaten up by their constituents during their August recess - are successful in persuading their leadership to drastically pare back ObamaTeddyCare, the Republicans win a partial victory.   

If, however, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid do not pay attention to the American people and to the Blue Dog Democrats, they will jeopardize their jobs as leaders of the majority party in Congress.   

It is more than likely that these rabidly idealogogical leaders will try to ram through ObamaTeddyCare with no Republican support and with very little Blue Dog Democrat support, but with just enough to pass their hated bill after ferocious arm-twisting and deal-making by Pelosi and her thugs in the House.   

If that is the case, the Republicans may even take over control of the U.S. House of Representatives next year and the White House and the Senate in 2012.  That is exactly what happened after 4 years of  the disastrous Jimmy Carter administration.  The Democrats lost both the White House and the Senate in President Ronald Reagan's overwhelming victory.



Kennedy's legislative capacity proved that taxpayers Dollars can and should be directed to all Americans.  Would someone research how many Acts of Congress or Presidential Executive Orders have been passed for subsidized Healthcare?  How many of those were initiated by Kennedy's camp and are funded by Congress?  Where is the inventory of what we have in place, together with a cost analysis of what taxpayers are supporting yearly for the underserved and eligible participants?

The Democrats and Republicans should deal with the facts.  The Obama approach is to market that approximately 47 Million Americans are without Healthcare.  However, based on the existing Government subsidized programs, how many individuals have not been able to access Healthcare, due to the lack of marketing by the Obama administration?  These facts are crucial towards the debate.  It is basic "old school" about what do you need?  What do you have?  Our government owes us the complete facts.

As CEO of Community Ties, I have held enrollment Health Fairs under my business plan of Health Smart.  There is already available enrollment for "Insuring the Uninsured" participants with faith-based community partners who have supported the initiatives.  As a guardian of the peoples assets, the "Blue Dogs", as well as our Republican base, should carefully inventory the existing Healthcare programs and allow a National debate on both their enrollment and financial performance.  A Healthcare Taskforce consisting of representatives from both sides of the isle can tackle this research and shed light on missing data.

"Let there be Light".  "In all thy getting, get understanding".  Without true understanding of this matter, we should not advance the current "Act", based solely upon its politicalized marketing.  "Count the cost"...  Biblical guidance can solve this problem.  The only "dogs" we need on this case are hound dogs to track down the truth.

In God We Trust,

Doris Hall



Just the Beginning: we have only seen a hint of the real Barack Obama. Last year I started researching him to find out what kind of person he is. I found so much astounding information that I started keeping the references of the documented sources, and eventually posted it all on a website to warn others. Barack Obama is not at all the person he has deceived the public into believing he is. You really need to read it for yourself and tell your friends about it. Follow the links to watch the videos and check out the sources of the information. I promise you will be amazed at the kind of man the people have elected to lead the United States of America. This is no smear campaign or false testimony. There is a whole lot more, but I ran out of time before the election and stopped compiling more information. I take you right to the videos, the news reports and the other websites that tell the story. Visit: for the full story.

It's not too late for an informed public to take back America from these totally radical leaders. We are seeing the impact that our opposition can have. It is time for all of us to stand up for what is right. We may not be able to win every battle, but we can definitely have a lot of influence, if we will act decisively on what we know. We are in difficult times, and if we don't sound the alarm, we will one day wake up to a country that is not at all like the America we love. Let's don't let that happen.

Showing up at a town meeting and speaking out against the socialism and ungodly influences of today's leaders will make a difference. Signing petitions, calling and sending emails to your elected representatives, telling others... all of these have a multiplied effect. One of the most exciting things I have heard recently is the fact that you can get immediate updates on the health care bill from Jordan Sekulow through Twitter. It allows him to easily send one text message to all the people who have signed up for them, quickly and at no cost. He had over 9,000 people as of last weekend. Media like this can finally enable Christians and other conservatives to organize and stay in touch, and keep up with what's going on in Washington. The liberal leaders used it to gain the power they have today, but we can do the same thing.

After you read it, please send your comments to [email protected], and also post your comments here on the Christian Coalition website. And urge everyone you know to visit the website, too. Thanks and God bless you.

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