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On the 10th Anniversary of His Passing, Remembering Ronald Reagan’s Address Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of D-Day

Remarks to Veterans at Pointe du Hoc

We're here to mark that day in history when the Allied armies joined in battle to reclaim this continent to liberty. For 4 long years, much of Europe had been under a terrible shadow. Free nations had fallen, Jews cried out in the camps, millions cried out for liberation. Europe was enslaved, and the world prayed for its rescue. Here in Normandy the rescue began. Here the Allies stood and fought against tyranny in a giant undertaking unparalleled in human history.

Occupy Wall Street: AnarchyLite?

The news reports this week that three self-described anarchists  --  along with two more of their comrades in the state of Ohio  --  plotted to blow up a 4-lane highway bridge near Cleveland over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park was astounding.  The fact that this group of anarchists/terrorists had ties to the Occupy Wall Street movement is not as shocking, since there have been countless descriptions of some of those associated with the Occupy movement being anarchists ever since the movement began last year. 

These terrorists/anarchists/Occupy movement activists carried flags associated with anarchist groups according to news reports.  Interestingly enough, the day on which newspapers reported that the FBI arrested these characters  --  charged with conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials   --   is the very day the Occupy movement held more demonstrations around the nation including protests at Wall Street in New York City.  In addition, yesterday is the most important day to the communist movement:  May Day.  That, in itself, says all you need to know about the Occupy movement, much of it funded by the billionaire George Soros and his ilk. 

New debt chart shows US per-capita debt higher than Greece

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) has released a new chart that compares the relative per-capita national debt placed upon citizens of the most indebted nations of the world.

The surprise (to some)?  That US citizens ALREADY have the highest per-capital national debt load in the world.  Higher even that Greece, which, as anyone who has been watching the news for the past year would know, has been going through a horrific debt crisis as a result of not being able to borrow more more to repay the money it has already borrowed...because the people they want to borrow it from (prospective bond buyers, etc.), don't believe they will be able to pay the money back.

How long before bond investors start to believe that about the United States?

Sessions released a statement which merits repeating here.  It offers his take on the debt - and the lastest Obama administration budget - as follows:

Is Europe’s Blatant Discrimination Against Christians Coming to America?

The news that the government of Great Britain is mounting a full-scale assault on Christians is not really surprising.  The left-wing in England, like their counterparts on the European continent, have long discriminated against Christians, while at the same time, in myriad ways, protected those of Muslim faith.  For much of his 3 years in office, Barack Obama and his administration have been mirroring Europe’s blatant discrimination against Christians.

The latest example of the rabid discrimination by Prime Minister David Cameron’s government in Great Britain against Christians came from a news report from the United Kingdom’s national newspaper, “The Daily Mail”.  According to the newspaper, the UK’s Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone, a Liberal Democrat, has instructed government’s lawyers to stop Christian workers from wearing the cross.  The Cameron government will call on Europe’s “human rights” judges to dismiss the claims of Christian workers Nadia Eweida and Shirley Chaplin that they have a right to wear a cross to work as a symbol of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Obama upside-down by 15% in latest poll

According to the latest presidential tracking numbers from the Rasmussen poll, only 26% of registered voters say that they "strongly approve" of Barack Obama's job performance, while 41% "strongly disapprove" - leaving him upside-down by 15 points among passionate voters.

The poll also finds that (currently), in a hypothetical general election matchup, Obama leads Mitt Romney 48% to 42%, and leads Rick Santorum 48% to 41%, (no numbers were available for Gingrich or Paul).

Meanwhile, Republicans lead Democrats on a "generic" congressional ballot by 4 points (43% to 39%).  (The generic ballot just asks people which party they plan to vote for in congressional races without mentioning specific candidate's names).

Some other interesting findings:

53% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

"While Congress continues to battle over President Obama’s contraceptive mandate, most voters still favor repeal of the national health care law.

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Democrats Win Pyrrhic Victory While Squashing Religious Freedom

In an Action Alert this week, Christian Coalition of America asked supporters to call both of their United States Senators to urge them to vote for an amendment by Senator Roy Blunt, Republican from Missouri, to stop the Obama administration from discriminating against Christians and other people of faith.

Unfortunately, through nefarious shenanigans, the Democrats would not even allow Senators to vote up or down on the Blunt Amendment.  Harry Reid, whose party controls the United States Senate - undoubtedly for less than a year more with disastrous votes for the Democrats such as Thursday’s vote - had to play cute and have a vote to “Table the Blunt Amendment” which would confuse a lot of Americans; and that was the Democrats’ intention. The vote was not about contraception as the pro-abortion liberals maintain, but maintaining religious freedom for all Americans which the Blunt Amendment would have done.

Regardless of the defeat of the Blunt Amendment by 48-51 on Thursday, the Christian Coalition of America will be scoring this vote in the 2012 Congressional Scorecard.  The American people will not be congratulating the Democrats for their pyrrhic victory nor for their their successful squashing of religious freedom in America when it comes time to vote this November.

Will You Take the "Pray and Vote" Pledge?


Will you help us build an army of conservative voter education activists for the 2012 elections?

One year from now, Americans will be going to the polls to cast ballots in the most important election of our lifetime.

And the outcome depends on what pro-family conservatives do between now and then.

Everything is up for grabs…

  • Supreme Court appointments
  • Important pro-life legislation
  • Overturning ObamaCare
  • Reforming our tax code
  • Reducing our national debt


And that’s just for starters.

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Fox News' left-winger Bob Beckel's life saved by Rick Perry supporter

A Ronald Reagan/Tip O'Neill moment occurred in a restaurant on the island of Manhattan yesterday.  The elderly among us will remember the intense rivalry and feuds which occurred during the day between President Ronald Reagan and the Democrat Speaker of the House from Massachusetts Tip O'Neill.  But at night, these two antagonists would famously swap jokes over a mug of beer.
Today's poisonous partisan political atmosphere  --  accelerated by Barack Obama's hyper-partisanship  --  is far from the comity established between the conservative genial Ronald Reagan and left-wing genial Tip O'Neill.  Obama has relentlessly attacked the Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for his conservative ideas.  Now in recent days, Obama has decided to double-down on his attacks against Republicans.

Hey American leftists, Socialism does not work!

It never ceases to amaze that American liberals are astounded that European-style socialism just does not work in the United States of America, and no other place, and never will.  The latest issue of "Time" magazine (Oct. 10, 2011) provides yet another example of baffled liberals in the "mainstream" media  --  mirroring the attitudes of the hard-left in the Obama administration  --  bewildered about why America's economy is still in a tail-spin almost three years after Barack Obama took the oath of office. 

Rana Foroohar, in her lead story article in Time magazine entitled "A New Era of Volatility" , writes:  "A global double-dip recession, implausible in spring, is now a distinct possibility come autumn."  Today, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke today in testimony before Congress said that the U.S. economy is growing more slowly than the Federal Reserve expected.  Poor job growth is depressing consumer confidence. 

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Political correctness run amok

Just when you thought it could not get any worse, it does.  It seems like Americans these days are living in two separate universes.  The overwhelmingly majority of the American people (conservatives, independents, Tea Party supporters, etc.) believe that the country is going in the wrong direction.  On the other hand, over half of Democrats believe the nation is going in the right direction.
Most Americans from the first universe will be outraged when they hear the story about the Florida teacher, Jerry Buell, who won Teacher of the Year honors, and who was suspended because he voiced opposition to homosexual "marriage" on his personal Facebook account.  The 22-year veteran teacher who was taken out of the classroom is now being represented by the Liberty Counsel.
The First Amendment gives Jerry Buell constitutional rights to say what he said; that he "almost threw up" in response to a news story about homosexual "marriages".  He also called such couplings part of a "cesspool" and maintained that they were a sin.

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