Church Newscast Kids A Hit!

There was no big buildup or fanfare. The two young girls simply got behind the news desk and the camera recorded their first appearance delivering news items that had caught their eyes that day, At the beginning of their debut, Amari Chambers, who is a teen-ager, fluffed a word and they both got the giggles, which accidently stayed in when it was posted on YouTube and Tangle.

Audience reaction was immediate. The fluff & giggles moment connected with viewers. The kids were a hit. Amari had never been on camera or in front of an audience. She was shy and was surprised that she had been asked to be on the newscast.  Her father, Charles, who drove her to the studio decided to stay and watch, which made her so nervous that she asked if he could come and pick her up later. Interesting, she will be seen by 10 million people but is nervous for her dad to be there in the studio as she does it.

Camilla Spangler is 11 years old and is a natural born performer. Last weekend she won a dance competition in California, an event that went on for two days, and danced off with the first-place Gold Award.

The MVCC Newscast,which already has gained a wide circulation, will soon go to streaming news, then to Christian TV networks. Here's the latest from our Newscast Kids. Click on this link;

And, since one of the newscasters, Angelia Baxter had to be out of state, her news partner does a solo spot in this latest airing with a couple of neat twists regarding graduation ceremonies where students had been forbidden to have any religious reference or prayer in their speeches. This one is about 6 minutes. Click on this link:.

You can see the latest newscast tidbits by going to Youtube or Tangle and typing in, MVCC Oakley. At this time there are two new newscasts posted each week and that will increase as more news teams are added. You can also see the newscasts as they break, along with other breaking news by going to:

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