Church Newscast--Especially Kidscast-Gaining Fans

As you know, this is a late posting.** Explanation Below. The latest two MVCC Church Newscasts were taped and went out the day before Easter. Meanwhile, The Newscast Kids are now receiving fan mail saying they are good, they are cute and they are enjoyable to watch. Can't beat that combination. Here are the two latest newscasts:

The first one shows this unworthy australopethicus with Angelia Baxter with news about a Hollywood actor who was fired for refusing to do a sex scene, Parkinson's Disease Breakthrough, and....Jesus Booted From Easter Festival in Sydney!  (?)  How's that again? Here is that llink:

The second one shows one of our Newscast Kids, Amari Chambers with a new partner (due to Camilla Spangler being away) with stories including," What To Do When Your Hut Burns." Here is that link:

**The reason this update is published late is due to being Flu Flattened. (Maybe better to just use, FF?...Double F?....or F raised to the second power?... ahhh forgidit...probly won't ketch on nohow!) Anyway, the flu bug began it's assualt on Good Friday. On Saturday (before Easter) managed to get through the taping even though with a froggy voice, Sunday no energy, no voice, missed church, but still worked on a funeral for the next day, then did it...with a ragged voice but with enough energy that God blessed it, then I hit sidelined mode where I've been ever since.

I was so sick that my life insurance man came by this morning and took his calendar back. . My wife wanted me to go to the doctor today, but I told her I would not go to see the doctor because I didn't feel well.

Can't go out for another walk, still FF-Yes! It worked! SUCCESS!  So I will work on the upcoming MilesTones instead.. In closing, a toast for those suffering from colds, flu and allergies: Here's looking ah'tchoo!

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