Communist Conventioneers Chant: "Yes We Can!"

Last month, the Communist Party USA held its convention in New York where the program to take over America continued to be laid out. A program that would destroy America and American ideals and place us all under Marxist Communist control. Each point was met with boistrous chants of, "Yes We Can!"

A chant which came directly from the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and put into the hands and mouth of The One whom they would anoint and PLACE into the Oval Office. Yes, PLACED. Comrade Obama was NOT voted in as puzzled citizens ponder and as the lame stream media want us to believe.. This was a carefully planned overthrow of the United States Government. That is exactly what happened.

It was difficult to hold this story instead of immediately releasing it, but a curious question had to be answered. And it was. The so called Main-Stream Media didn't have one tweet about this convention, or the communists chanting the slogan they gave Obama which is actually a rallying cry to Marxist, Stalinist, Communists to destroy America. That is what is what is meant whenever Obama proclaims those words.  America did not know what that slogan meant during the presidential campaign. Obama did.

One statemement made by CPUSA's Vice Chairman, Jarvis Tyner, a black man,  was: "Once a black president and a reformer was 'elected' and presented his program, the fight against racism assumed an even greater importance because it, along with anti-communism, is the main weapon the right is using to to defeat progressive change,"  The word, "progressive" should ring a bell. This is how the democratic party, the party of CPUSA describes their politics along with constant usage of 'progressive change.'

It appears that their greatest fear now is the Tea Parties. Yes! They try to undermine it by stating that all the members are white, which makes them racist. (?) How's that again?  Newt Gingrich was attacked during the convention, being accused of "attempting to frame the 2010 elections with a new 'Contract ON America,' to whip up hysteria...." Yep.

However, Joelle Fisman, chair of the party's political action commission told the delegates that "there are many encouraging things already in the electoral arena. The party plans to focus on key house and senate races around the country."  Good people, understand this fully. They are focusing on getting any and all Democrats in office. The democrats are the arm of CPUSA, period!  When you vote for a democrat, you are voting for communist rule. Ms. Fisman lists the top "battleground states." which are: California (what a surprise!), Florida, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio, all states where there are large Communist party organizations.

The "Yes We Can!" slogan began at the first Socialist Organizational meeting held in Indianapolis in1900. By 1912, The Socialist Party had been formed and recognized as a political party. By 1929, Stalin, who had a particular interest in communizing America, delivered several speeches on the CPUSA before the American Commission of the presidium of the Communist International, May 6, 1929 and in The Presidium of the Executive Committee of the Communist International on the American Question May 14, 1929.

Here is part of a page of Stalin's speeches and writings where he foresees "the approaching crisis;'
"I think the moment is not far off when a revolutionary crisis will develop in America. And when a revolutionary crisis develops in America, that will be the beginning of the end of world capitalism as a whole. It is essential that the American Communist Party should be capable of meeting that historical moment, fully prepared and of assuming the leadership of the impending class struggle in America. Every effort and every means must be employed in preparing for that, comrades. For that end the American Communist Party must be improved and bolshevized." 
Source: PROLETARIAN PUBLISHERS San Francisco, early 1970s.

Then, consider this line from the CPUSA Convention in New York last month, "The new conditions of struggle are possible only-and I want to emphasize ONLY-because we elected President Obama and a Congress with pronounced progressive and center currents."

This from the mouth and pen of the Communist Party USA, that owns Obama, who put him illegally into office, and spoken at a convention in New York that the media of America absolutely ignored and silenced. They don't want us to know what is really happening to our country. Fortunately you can learn the truth by reading this site.

Americans, Awake!  Take action NOW by flooding the mailboxes, in-boxes, and by telephoning every legislator, congressman, senator, all politicians and demand that impeachment proceedings begin immediately. Comrade Obama should NOT be allowed to finish his term, a term he was illegally given. Indeed, if he even finishes this month, he will plunge the country that much closer to total enslavement. That is the goal. We must stop this while we can. The clock is ticking.

 Rev. Austin Miles is a historian who is currently researching the history of Communism in America. Visit his website at:

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