Conservative victories in Europe threaten America's Democrat Party

The world conservative movement won a huge victory in Europe this past weekend because European voters rejected left-wing take-overs of businesses and huge government spending to combat the severe world-wide recession.   They are rejecting the Nanny state said Glenn Beck on his show on Monday.   

Considering that those socialist policies are exactly what the Obama administration is forcing upon America  --  with the help of an extreme left-wing United States Congress  --  the European election results portend disastrous consequences for the Democrat Party in next year's congressional elections  --  unless the "Blue Dog Democrats" and others with commonsense stop their party's rabidly partisan and ideological leadership.  

The center-right elected candidates picked up 267 seats in the European Parliament.  On the other hand, the center-left politicians won only 159 seats.   Daniel Hannan, conservative British Member of the European Parliament, said on the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News this past Monday that people make a mistake when they assume that liberal democracies are a permanent fixture in Europe.   

Likewise, the Democrat leadership in the White House and in Congress  --  as well as pessimistic Republicans  --  are making a mistake if they believe Barack Obama's, Nancy Pelosi's and Harry Reid's pell-mell rush to socialism will be a permanent fixture in this country.  

Large numbers of Americans do not believe that the current abominable policies being pushed through Congress will be a permanent fixture.  The fact that the Tea Party Movement on Tax Day-April 15th drew hundreds of thousands of protesters in revolt against these socialist programs  --  being passed exclusively by the Democrat Party  --  is one promising sign.  

The fact that there are increased signs of excitement amongst the grass-roots because of the push-back by Republican Party leaders  --  as evidenced by the huge crowd of 20,000 who came out for the most popular Republican politician, Governor Sarah Palin, in New York state, of all places, this past weekend  --  is another encouraging sign.   

A take-over of the governorships in the liberal state of New Jersey and an increasingly moderate Virginia this coming November will be an indication that the American people have had enough of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid policies.  What is encouraging for the Republican candidates for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia is that in the latest Rasmussen poll, the American people believe that the Republicans will handle the economy better than the Democrats will by a margin of 6%.   

Victories in Virginia and New Jersey this November will be a warning shot across the bow of the Democrats' ship of state that the American people are willing to teach them a lesson in the elections next year just as they did big-time in the November 1994 election, just 2 years after Bill Clinton was elected president. 

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