Contrasting Memorial Day Stories -Plus Video

Memorial Day is too often a day of picnics, beer, trips and family get-togethers, which is all well and good, except for the fact that the entire meaning and purpose of this day has seemingly been overlooked if not forgotten altogether. How could we miss this point?...that this is a day set aside to formally thank those who served our country and gave us our freedom at great sacrifice to themselves. America is now being damned instead of praised, led by the man who occupies the Oval Office who travels the world apologizing for the arrogance of America in protecting her shores.

This veteran Praises God for The United States of America...and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. Yes, UNDER GOD, whether Michael Newdow, the atheists, humanists and the United States Communist Party (USCP) like it or not.

This country was founded 'under God.' And as we kept Him at the forefront of our lives, America rapidly became the most successful democracy the world had ever seen, with the strongest army in the world, and healthy economy, all accomplished in so little time. We were a law abiding country and could walk the streets safely. Yes, we were a country under God. And we were never attacked by a foreign entity on our soil.

The radical 60's changed all that. Madalyn Murray O'Hair started the change in 1963, as part of a lawsuit declaring prayer in schools unconstitutional (?) which she won, virtually kicking God out of our public schools. That was quickly followed by what can only be called, The Hippie Enlightenment, which broke away from the moral authority of the church as they ushered in an anything-goes society. It is to be noted that within the first year, crime skyrocketed, increasing 100%...that's right, the first year!

The public began attacking our own service men and women, for defending America against enemies, including the war declared on us by Muslim's. This writer will never forget watching a report of an appearance at U.C.Berkeley by noted columnist, Michelle Malkin. She was intercepted by some leftist students after the talk and one said this, which must be ranked with the quotes of the year. The young female yelled at her, "We've got to do something to stop this war on terror!" I kid you not. That clip was on the news.

America has plunged into a society of chaos. Our economy has collapsed, we are at war with a strange enemy, we have been attacked on our own shores, evolved into the most immoral society the world has ever known. Yet, this is still a country under God, only under different circumstances.

He sees everything going on, including the painful murder of 4000 babies every day by abortionists, public schools where we surrender our children every day to atheists, communist teachings and where those in charge of our children work to recruit them into sex (children!) which includes perverted sex that brings disease, injuries and early deaths, yet championed by the Marxist educators that have taken over our school system and have unprecedented access to our children and can seemingly do anything they want to with them, while stripping them all of their faith in God.

We have allowed a silent but deadly coup to take place which has overthrown the government we once knew. We have allowed the mainstreaming of the Communist Party in our country. Most have chosen to be PC--politically correct to be sure that they cause no offense to anyone.

And God, who sees all of this, has already lifted His hand of protection that kept America safe and great for so long. He is no longer there to save us from another 9-11, violent crime in the streets, home and schools, or even from drastic unusual weather patterns that can be damaging. But because we have allowed God to be kicked out of America, we are now on our own with no divine protection as we once knew it. God did not cause all of this. We did, because we have rejected the God who once protected us and have made it clear that He is not wanted here or in our lives, so we cannot complain as our country collapses around us.

My hope is that we veterans, pastors and citizens will awaken America from its dogmatic slumber and take action, beginning with the impeachment of a man who was NOT voted in the Oval Office by us, but PLACED there by a silent coup that had been in the planning for many years. However, ours is a nation under God regardless, only this time, with God's judgments, due to our own inaction in keeping our country as the founders intended and envisioned as God guided them.

Thank God for our veterans who put their goals and hopes aside so that we could pursue and fulfill ours. We are indebted to every one of you. And God Bless America,, and to the republic for which it nation...UNDER God...with liberty and justice for all....amen.

See the video tribute to our veterans at the link below where an example is given of those who encourage veterans and those who do not, like the pastor who railed against soldiers while this veteran was present and in uniform. Don't miss this.

Rev. Austin Miles, a pastor-chaplain in Northern California moonlights as a free-lance journalist whose stories, reviews and commentaries are published world wide. Visit his website at:


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