Cult Watch - Warning: Dangerous Cult!

Of all the different Satanic cults that have stolen our youth and endangered their souls the Order of Nine Angles has to be the most vile and unholy: or

This cult encourages and teaches actual human sacrifice, crime, molestation, racism, and extreme liberalism. The onanxs is the modernizing arm of this Satanic cult, which is making its edicts more attractive to young girls!

It is an outrage that nobody from the body of Christ speaks out against these extreme types of Satanic cults, or teach our own brothers and sisters in Christ to avoid such cults for their own safty.

I would encourage and urge those of us who are truly concerned for our youth to look further into this cult and educate themselves and their loved ones.

Unfortunately it seems as though this cult is groing in numbers. This onanxs alone has about 150 members! The reason why this arm of the Satanic cult of the Order of Nine Angles is so viral is because of the seductive language and intelligence of their writers.

If more voices don't come out to speak the Word of God against this cult, we will have another satanic panic to deal with in a few years time.


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