Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate Fiddles While America Burns

The Democrat-controlled United States Senate under the leadership of Harry Reid, D-NV, has done virtually nothing since it began on January 5th of this year.  Indeed, the Democrat leadership in the Senate  --  and in the United States House of Representatives, during the leadership (if you can call it that) of San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi when she was speaker for 4 years before the Republicans took control this past January  --  has not passed a budget as required by law for a number of years. 
On the other hand, the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed its budget, as required by law, earlier this year.  The House Republicans have also passed over 25 major bills to create jobs in America, a nation which has suffered a 9% unemployment rate, on the average, under Barack Obama since he became president almost 3 years ago.
Before the Republicans adjourned for Christmas in the House of Representatives last week, they passed a spending bill  --  now signed into law by Obama  --  which will fund the government until the end of the 2012 Fiscal Year on September 30th. 
The Republicans also passed a major piece of legislation last week to continue the Social Security tax cut holiday for 160 million Americans for an entire year.  In addition, the Republicans did not pay for it with a tax increase on small business owners as Obama and many of his congressional Democrats wanted to do. 
The Republicans paid for their Social Security tax cut for most Americans by cutting federal spending.  And the icing-on-the-cake in the Republican bill passed in the House of Representatives, was to force Obama to make a decision (yes or no) on constructing the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico which his union supporters desperately want Obama to do. 
Obama has been fiddling with this Keystone oil pipeline decision for almost 3 years now, while America's economy stagnates.  Laughably, both Obama and Harry Reid, and most of their friends in the news media, are blaming the Republicans for endangering the extension of the Social Security tax cuts scheduled to expire on January 1st.  Yet, Obama approved of Harry Reid's bill to pass only a 2-month extension of the Social Security tax cuts.   The House Republicans passed a one-year extension of the tax cuts.  Who is to blame?
Indeed, Obama has said for weeks that failure to extend the middle class payroll tax cut for an entire year is "inexcusable."  Note this excerpt from a communication from House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy's office this afternoon:  "The President also warned that Congress should not leave for vacation until a measure preventing a tax hike on the middle class is completed.

Speaker Boehner and House Republicans agree: it would be egregious for Democrats to put vacation ahead of working in the best interest of the American people and staying until a one year extension is achieved."