Democrats Upset with USCCB President Dolan's Convocation

Pope Pius IX surrounded by clergy members of the Papal Court.


Last Speech of 2012 DNC

What people rarely want to see is the closing convocation at the end of the Democrat National Convention (DNC)? How many saw Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York’s 5 minute concluding speech? John Bender, a seminarian from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, seems to put things best in his response to the myriad of responders [One Nation Under God: A Response to an Article Written by the Huffington Post About Cardinal Dolan].

The DNC had few people that really cared.  It was discovered no news organization covered the speech, or even transmitted it later for perusal. One also wonders, why the word “GOD” was rarely used--if any--except for Bishop Dolen’s prayer at the end? The full text and video can be seen here.

Bishop Dolan had initially asked to say the closing prayer at the DNC, but was refused. Only very recently had DNC officials decided that it was in the DNC’s best interests to allow him to say the prayer.


Dolan's Comments in 5 Minute Convocation

Dolan did not endorse either party. He asked for God’s blessings for President Obama, and VP Joe Biden; as well as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and Congressman Paul Ryan.

It was not difficult to see close-up expressions of delegates at the convention during those last 5 minutes. Nor was it difficult to discern the many moans and groans elicited from many who remained behind for the end of ceremonies.

One could tell Democrats were not happy that Cardinal Dolan gently, but earnestly, reproved them about respecting human life and religious liberty during his closing prayers at the end of the DNC.

Shortly after the closing prayer, Twitter came out with numerous e-mails about the convention. All came just after the prayer, when hundreds of liberals vented their frustration with Dolan. There were numerous examples of graphic language (e.g., F-bombs), liberals dropped on the Cardinal during and after his benediction.


Obama at Al Smith Catholic Charities Dinner

Many Catholics decried Dolan’s invitation for Obama attending the yearly Al Smith Catholic Charities dinner, in October. What many people fail to understand, is that believers are supposed to visit the ‘belly of the beast’.  Jesus visited houses of sinners, religious hierarchy, and criminals constantly--in order to sway their opinion.            

Many don’t realize Dolan is doing just that. He says this dinner is a way for people to promote the growth of dialog and communication. Dolan has always been very specific on his beliefs on abortion, euthanasia, women in the priesthood, marriage between one woman and one man, as well as many other long-held beliefs.                                      

But it seems during this election, Democrats will come down squarely on the opposite side of each one of these non-negotiables for held by true Catholics and many others.

Likely a few took his words to heart. Even if only one person in that delegation believed Dolan, and was saved for a good eternal life, it would have been worth it.  Cardinal Dolan knew that. How many Catholics knew it?


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