Did God Create Republicans or Democrats or (gasp) BOTH!?

Did God Create Republicans or Democrats or (gasp) BOTH!?

Washington : DC : USA | Jul 06, 2012 at 8:55 PM PDT
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Which Party did God Create?

by Rev. Austin Miles

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...then man. Seeing that man appeared restless and lonesome, even with all the animals to keep him company, God decided to make a helpmate for him....so He created woman. It is said In some quarters that God created man, and knew He could do better so He created woman. This version continues to be debated.

And it is to be noted, that man was asleep when He created that first woman which might put it in better historical context.

They were named Adam and Eve, placed into a garden of paradise until the serpent, an outsider, came into the garden and questioned Eve about instructions from God to never eat from one particular tree in that garden. Eve told the outsider that God had forbidden she and Adam to eat any fruit from that specific tree, "nor shall ye touch it lest ye die." The outsider proclaimed, "Thou shalt surely NOT die." Genesis 3:3-4.

Here was history's first introduction to the media that intrudes to question something traditional, then by distorting truth, repudiates it.

When Eve received the information from the media and acted on it by rejecting what God had instructed and ate the forbidden fruit, she took the first humanist action ever recorded, by overturning tradition to embrace the right to choose. So Eve became the first Liberal...or...Democrat.

Adam appeared to be the first conservative, or, Republican, since he was more easy going and would bend over backwards to please others, to not give a wrong impression. He folded under that first liberal's persuasion, and joined her in eating the forbidden fruit even though that voted in a ghastly decision that would affect everyone on earth at that time, and the generations following up to this very day.

So God had both parties on His hands. One with politics he might likely agree with, while the other was better toward animals, protecting them and coming down hard on those who are cruel to animals. The world is saddled with the results.

As for the media that began in The Garden with questions and distortions of information to manipulate an outcome, that specific creation continues exactly as it was....in the beginning.