Did Hugo Chavez Die a Christian?

Did Hugo Chavez Die a Christian?

Caracas : Venezuela | Mar 05, 2013 at 9:19 PM PST
Photo Mira Flores Presidential Press Office
Hugo Chavez in Havana Hospital with his two daughters at his side 2/15/13
Photo Mira Flores Presidential Press Office


by Rev. Austin Miles

Hugo Chavez died today of cancer. While he would not win a popularity contest in America, something did happen during his last few weeks that noticeably changed his countenance and even his voice. Was it that his end was evident and he was weak? Or was it something else?

He was known as the Strongman Dictator of Venezuela with expected displays of ruthlessness such as the time he followed President Bush at the U.N. and sniffed around the podium declaring; "The devil must have been here...I can still smell the sulfur."

As he neared the end, his entire image seemed to change as he began to state that "Jesus is with me," during his struggle. This reference became frequent in his conversations carrying with it the tone and language of someone who had become a born-again Christian.

It is entirely possible, and if so,it is a dramatic transformation we can expect to see often in the times ahead in these last days before Christ returns.

There is a general shaking of God's Creation as foretold in Haggai 2:6-7 as Satan has been given his last hurrah to do what he likes, and to corrupt as many people as he can before the end.This explains the extreme evil we now see taking place, without restraint and for no valid reason; only evil for the sake of evil.

The earth has been hit with extreme climate and disasters that defy explanation. Meteors are zooming closer by with tails of fire and some crashing into the earth. Stories of strange creatures never before seen, causing havoc, are being reported in locations around the nation and the world.

Egypt today is battling a fierce invasion of locusts of biblical proportions exactly as took place in the days of Moses and Pharaoh. And very interesting, following the locust invasion of Ancient Egypt, Jesus came riding in on a donkey to celebrate the Passover. At the very same time this year, as we approach the Passover, Obama has scheduled a trip to Israel but will be coming in on a plane rather than a donkey. But the timing and significance bears curious consideration.

When Pope Benedict announced his resignation as Pope of the Catholic Church, lightening struck the Vatican. When he arrived at where he will temporarily retire, Castel Grandolfo, he was no sooner settled when an earthquake shook that town and region.

And according to prophecy, the next Pope will be the last Pope until Christ returns. Before that, the greatest revival the world has ever known will take place. Then, the judgement. This writer is not speaking as a prophet, having not been so gifted. but as one living and studying the Bible. It all seems to be falling into place.

Hugo Chavez was 58 years of age, It is reported that he died peacefully.