Download our toolbar and support your values

If you haven’t downloaded our new toolbar for web browsers yet, we encourage you to do so today.

Not only does it give you easy access to the Coalition’s updates and action alerts, but if offers you a NO COST opportunity to support your values simply by searching and shopping online.

Each year, more Americans decide to avoid the rush at the malls and do much of their Christmas shopping online.  Our new toolbar offers you a 100% free way to support our ongoing voter education efforts while you shop.

(Click here and download your free toolbar now)

The toolbar is equipped with an online store that connects you with over 2,500 major retail merchants – all of which contribute a percentage of your purchases back to Christian Coalition of America!

In addition, each time that you use the toolbar to conduct an online search, you’ll be raising critical funds for our shared mission.

So click here and download the toolbar today.  It’s free, and it supports our cause!

And be sure to help us spread the word and let others know about it as well.

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