Fed-up Audiences Flock to Family/Faith Based Films-Grizzly Adams Productions Leads the Pack and Why

A change has indeed taken place since Obama took over The Oval Office, but it was not a change that we can thank Him for. This change evolved naturually as Hollywood noticed they had to work harder to capture patrons. Even though their product was becoming more and more 'sensational' with seductions, adultry, perversion, drugs, and nudity, as buildings, cars and houses are being blown apart around them accompanied by toilet vulgarity. This artifically sweetened fare, which only increase appetite made audiences demand even more sensationalism and kinky sex, while leaving them less satisfied with the explicit fare they were being served.

It is like the womanizer who wanders from woman to woman and instead of gaining more enjoyment of sex, becomes bored with it to the point that nobody really satisfies him any more, totally destroying the joy and unspeakable ecstasy he could have had with his wife. He wanted it all and wound up with nothing, which belongs to the school of Life's Logic.

Exhausted theatre patrons began to crave examples of decency in the lives of people portrayed (and magnified on the screen) as well as hope, redemption and triumph over the bad guys.

Grizzly Adams Productions (GAP) has become recognized as a leading producer and distributor of faith based family films. They have been edging into the commercial film market with amazing success.that has astonished the secular film world and has proved a boon for investers who see a public tired of typical Hollywood fare and have been flocking to see movies of inspiration, encouragment, and yes, faith; films that also bring a healthy return to backers.

GAP has raked in multiple awards, both national and international, including prestigious industry awards for their documentaries. They have entered the feature film field with "Friends For life," the story of a widower who saves four wolf pups, bonds with them and releases them back into the wild when they are grown, then they return to save his life. The wolf pups are adorable, the photography stunning, the grizzly bear attack scene chilling, the cast performance is excellent and good wins over evil.

Looking to the future, they are now going 3D. According to Daily Variety, GAP will partner with 3D conversion company, Passmore Labs, to convert its entire library, some 700 progams to stereoscopic 3D. According to David S. Cohen of Daily Variety, this makes it the largest 3D conversion project announced to date, whether measured by number or programs, total hours or cost...in this case $200 million over seven years. Conversion has already been completed on the documentary about The Shroud of Turin titled, "The Fabric of Time" and is nearing completion for the feature, "Friends for Life." that is to be released for 3D home videos.

The Avitar picture phenomenon was fueled by the intrigue of 3D, which had not been seen in many years. It intrigued a public rediscovering it, and, wanting more action coming out of the screen, were ready for more. A new generation was discovering it for the first time.

David Balsiger, senior producer and VP at GAP, told Daily Variety: "If you get in on the beginning of the trend, you can get a big piece of the market. If we can get ours done ahead of the studios with very little product on the shelf, we could establish ourselves as a pretty good come-to source for family entertainment."

Balsiger also sees a huge future for 3D productions, not only for the big screen, but also for television, including religous networks who are looking at starting a 3D channel, along with megachurches, which are installilng 3D-capable projectors.

At the same time, GAP has signed a multi-year agreement with The Inspiration Networks (INSP), out of Indian Land, South Carolina, the former PTL Network. GAP will bring faith-based and family-friendly televsion specials and series to INSP, announced Doug Butts, SVP of Programming. "We're excited to announce this agreement with Grizzly Adams Productions and to introduce their vast library of content to INSP viewers. Grizzly Adams Productions is a leader in creating quality television programs and independent films that appeal to a wide range of audience. We're particularly pleased that this agreement supports the new programming focus on INSP of 'Celebrating faith, family and freedom,' a theme that we've found resonates strongly with our viewers."

Ancient Secrets of The Bible, which has won 19 national awards for production excellence, is the first in a number of shows that will debut in the coming weeks and months on INSP, and will be seen on Saturdays at 11 PM EST.

INSP is available to more than 60 million homes across the US on more than 2,800 cable systems and on DIRECTTV ch.364, and DISH Network, ch.259. It is available to more than a billion people worldwide through multiple distribution platforms.

Before a film is shot, GAP conducts proprietary market resarch methods on consumer viewing preferences that have been so effective in the profit factor of GAP that they have been cited in such publications as the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. Investors who feel safe and secure with this growing faith/family based market are happy. This is why GAP is beginning to outpace the secular studios. Visit Grizzly Adams Website at: www.grizzlyadams.com

Rev. Austin Miles, a chaplain-pastor in Northern California as well as a Theology Instructor, moonlights as a free-lance journalist who's stories, reviews and commentaries are published world wide.Visit his website at: www.revaustinmiles.com

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