Gay activist in New Jersey forces gay agenda

Not content to just live life as they choose, one single gay man has forced eHarmony to provide a gay dating service to their site. This should trouble anyone who cherishes our freedoms and liberties. eHarmony is a private owned business, and receives no tax dollars nor does it have a tax exempt status. Yet, one angry and misguided individual has found an equally misguided activist Attorney General in New Jersey, to compel eHarmony to take this ridiculous action against their will. Just as California is still under assault by a vocal and militant minority because a majority of voters said no to gay marriage, one person has forced a private company to succumb to political correctness and surrender it’s legal right to operate how they see fit. Forget the moral or political implications of this issue. This should trouble all of us, for our majority vote now means nothing, if about 2% of the population can force the other 98% to embrace their ridiculous and godless agenda.

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